Oh my, do we have a bundle of bridal gorgeousness for you this morning! Embellishment; what’s new, right?

Wrong! There’s a whole world of colour, texture and new styling hitting the bridal fashion world right now in terms of embellishment, and we are totally on board.

You’ll see sequins over sheer sleeves, we’ll also whisk you away into the groundbreaking world of colourfully embellished veils (so much swoon!), embroidered details are getting a hit of big bold colour, and embellishment is leading the way into a whole other dimension of beauty (aka 3D detailing).

There’s something for almost every taste in this trend, but for us, the light bulb really illuminated at the sight of these little babies…

Sock it to me

Ummm. Not even sure I can handle how cute they are; embellished sheer socks. I mean, stop!

Reminiscent of the tattoo lace trend, these beautiful sheer pop socks are singlehandedly the sweetest addition to any bridal (or bridesmaid!) ensemble. A hit of cheeky sparkle and wonderfully alternative colour, whether it’s Free People’s pop socks with a midi length gown for your country garden ceremony, or those insanely cool fishnets to dance away your evening reception…

Glittering hosiery is where it’s at right now.

…Oh and I just could not resist those gloves, wedding gloves need to make a comeback, am I right?!

Veil of Mischief

Colour-adorned veils have been sneaking into our peripheral for a little while now, but it’s looking like now is really their time to shine, and we couldn’t be happier.

They’re the perfect balance; a nod to tradition, with pops of mischievous colour.

Be that show-stopping rainbow sparkles, or too-cool-for-school chic black polka dots, we are completely besotted with colour-embellished veils. It’s like the colour is invading traditional bridal territory, it’s a surprise to see it there, making it the ultimate indie-bride wow factor.

And none more so than FBrides favourite, AM Faulkner’s upcoming 2018 collection, Night Blooms. In fact, the next 3 images are a sneak peak of this yet-to-be released collection, and I can’t even begin with how excited we are to see the rest!

In short, if you’re debating a veil and not wanting to look too traditional: simply add colour.

Ditsy Details

And of course, the pièce de résistance, the all important, absolutely crucial… Bridal gown. You better believe we’ve broken this bad boy down into categories, because there are just so many insanely good styles of coloured embellishment on the bridal market right now, and all so utterly unique, we had to include them all!

First up, delicate ditsy floral additions. Incredible Spanish bridal designer, Immaclé, have really brought this trend to the bridal scene with their most recent collection, Tangier. Intricate lace is given a breath of life with all-over tiny rose florals, and our hearts may have stopped a little at first sight of those little bursts of Barcelona sunshine…

Sequins on Sheer

You guys loved it. So we thought we’d share it again! The below image was one of the most popular posts on our Instagram this week, and with good reason! Needle & Thread have nailed the brief of an embellished bridal gown with the addition of muted Spring tones and a continuation of the adornment down the sheer sleeves…

And you know if you guys like it, we’ll deliver it! So we hunted down a few more sparkly beauts for you: from Rue De Seine’s stunning Tiger Moss gown, to Natalie Wynn’s Starstruck Gown, adornments are multicoloured, metallic and in their multitudes, just how we like them.

In the case of sparkle, more is more, yes?

Bold Embroidery

Embroidery is taking an emboldened turn. Brighter, bigger, bolder blooms are taking shape in the bridal fashion world, and there’s something a little sophisticated European (think sunny Mediterranean) and ridiculously chic about it.

Whether you opt for tanned skin against bold brights, or the subtle khaki and muted blues of Rue De Seine’s bohemian Ziggy gown, embroidered embellishment is all grown up and ready to say ‘I do’.


Another Dimension

Last, but absolutely not least: 3D embellishments.

This eye-catching adornment comes in the form of richly coloured floral shoulders, full multidimensional flowered blush skirts, and even all-over tasseling!

It sounds a little extra, right? Well, if you can’t be extra on your wedding day, when can you?!

All the drama, and we love it.

Adding a splash of colour to your wedding gown is just everything right now. It gives you that edge, elevating your look to new memorable heights. Be the bride who dared…


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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