If you are feeling slightly depressed that Love Island has now finished (yes I am a fan and not ashamed to admit it. Bloody love that show! What are we going to do with our evenings now?) then we have a shoot that will warm your romantic hearts once again. Sent over from the beautiful city of Barcelona and featuring real life couple Lily and Jess, this shoot not only oozes genuine love and affection but also gorgeous free spirited wedding inspiration that I know you will all love. Think sexy bohemian style, lace wedding dresses, bare feet, long messy tousled hair, over sized bouquets, romantic decor and a woodland ceremony with a German Shepherd dog as its star! Everything about this shoot captures the free spirited woman who is not ashamed to be herself and that’s what I love the most about it…..

Her messy hair

A visible attribute of her stubborn spirit

As she shakes it free

She smiles knowing wild is her favorite colour.

If you are planning a wedding on a budget and are considering eloping, then you are going to love this shoot. It’s main aim is to showcase the intimacy and romance of a low budget elopement in a natural setting with creative but simple decor ideas.

Jo Kemp, the curator and photographer of the shoot, talks us through her ideas and all the suppliers involved.



The Spirit Of Adventure….

A spirit of adventure, something soulful, romantic and earthy was the premise from which we began this staged shoot. Prioritising real emotion and mood it was important that our couple were genuinely adventurous, a little wild at heart and madly in love.

Our real life couple was Lilli and Jess. Lilli is a photographer and travel addict, x stylist landing in Sitges from New York. Jess is a real free spirit, traveler and outdoor sports junkie landing in Sitges from a big trip in Africa. Together for a year, just a little crazy about each other, they found the shoot an amazing experience and I was half expecting a real proposal at the end!

I think we all felt we had experienced a real wedding – magic happened!

Sitges is a popular wedding destination, especially for classical and elegant destination weddings and increasingly same sex weddings. We wanted to show possibilities for adventurous couples in the natural locations that this area has to offer.

The Garraf is a stunning natural park, the perfect setting for a romantic elopement vibe. We hope to inspire couples that may be getting wed on a budget, that a dream elopement/wedding doesn’t have to cost the earth and with a bit of imagination and creativity so much is possible.

In the week up to our shoot everything began to bloom. Pretty wild flowers, fields of tall grass and dreamy light in the woods – the perfect settings for our ceremony, picnic and post cake romp in the grass.

Dusty Pinks, Wooden Jewellery and Giant Bouquets….

We chose a gorgeous dusky pink cotton dress by Free For Humanity for Jess that was a steal at 120 euros and picked out two dresses for Lilli, a beige backless shift dress cut on the bias from Kafla de formentera at 140 euros and a pretty short sleeved lace dress another steal at 160 euros that we layered on top. All purchased locally off the peg at Cabelli Sitges. Super pretty yet understated enough to go with the girls barefoot country vibe.

The wedding jewellery was selected from The Branch, a UK based company well know for bold and original jewellery using rose wood and other materials. We loved the idea of bold wedding rings and bracelets. Pip from Phillipa Events made gorgeous vine anklets and a matching collar for our ring bearing wolf dog.

We wanted the bouquets to be larger then life but not be too costly. Pip created giant sexy bouquets with meadow flowers, Eucalyptus, Peonies, Ammi, Daucus  Carota ‘purple kiss’ and feathers, the girls loved them.

Teresa Snowball, our M.U.A supreme, suggested a slightly edgy sultry look for Lily and she was absolutely spot on. It brought out Lily’s natural sexy look and complimented Jesse’s more natural tones and Boho braided hair.

The ceremony area on a tiny pathway between lines of tall trees didn’t need much to be made special, a couple of vintage Moroccan rugs, a skin and Vine hoops strategically hung with sculptured palm and feather details for the center piece.

Teo the girls dog, a giant wolf dog with the most gentle nature, came along as a possible extra and ended up being the star of the story, walking up the ceremony aisle and been the most handsome ring bearer.

Succulents, Sexy Food and Relaxed Dining….

Pip from Phillipa Events chose a dusky pink palette for table décor with sculptured palms, engraved cactus and tiny succulents in pots. Mirror trays from Zara home were piled with with sexy finger foods, kiwis and cape gooseberry, soft cheese (check out the cute hearts!) and olives, served with a nice chilled local vino in vintage champagne glasses.

We wanted the dining part to be fun and relaxed. We found a gorgeous intimate spot under a shady willow tree and we threw sheepskin rugs and big embroidered cushions on the ground for a post dining cuddle fest. The table was fashioned out of pallets, )check out the engraving!) and the candy pink candles from Tiger. Vintage lace and huge green glass vases with meadow flowers finished it all off.

The cake was smooth pink buttercream heaven on the outside, hiding delicious chocolate and strawberry layers on the inside, popped on top of a green glass cake stand from Tiger.

Post dining was all about having fun. The girls ran around with Teo in the long grass, putting a different spin on the toss of the bouquet. As the sun set behind them they swapped there dresses for a patchwork bed cover in true Boho style and cuddled and whispered and laughed until the sun went down – photo gold!

The Line Up

Photography, Bridal Styling & Production: Jo Kemp Photography
Production, Bouquets, Set Design & Decor: Phillipa Events
Location: Parc del Garraf, Sitges in Barcelona
Make up & Hair: Teresa Snowball
Jewellery: The Branch
Cake: Lizy’s Kitchen
Stationery: Mrs Q Design Studio


Wedding beauty on its way!

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