Warning! If you haven’t guessed already from the picture above, things are about to get a little bit steamy on the blog with a GORGEOUS and incredibly sexy bath shoot put together by Lou of Loulabel Floral Design. Now before you quesiton why this shoot is on a wedding blog when there is not a wedding dress in site, well because I love it that is why! I love the boudoir sexy style of the images captured by Stephen Weymouth, I love the use of the flowers which are carefully placed throughout and just look so gorgeous against the milky white of the bath water. I love the edgy sexiness of the model and how her make-up marries with the pink of the flowers perfectly and finally I love that gorgeous flower crown. This might not be your traidtional bridal shoot but there is still so much inspiration to be drawn from this.

Lou of Loulabel talks us through her ideas for the shoot and how it all came together….

Dahlia’s and Passion Vines….

I wanted to create some different images for my portfolio, move away from traditional designs & make something more organic. We planned the shoot to have a boudoir sexy vibe, this is Stephens photography style. We also wanted to show off as many of Martha’s tattoo’s! We created the white bathwater using a splash of milk – not too much! We were going to go for pink but we were afraid of dying the bath pink! I only used dahlia’s & passion vines because there are so many different varieties & incredible colours & textures – I also get to go & cut them myself from a local grower that specialises in Dahlias. I also foraged the passion vine.

The model is my best friend Martha, she is also a make up artist. She had worked with Stephen the photographer before (he does glamour style photography) and got along well with him so we decided to shoot together! Martha moved to wales the day after this shoot – it was a fun thing to do together before she left. The location is my parents house – there is the most incredible bath and Victorian windows.

My inspiration for the flowers came from many places; I saw a bath filled with flowers & vines on Pinterest & it stuck with me. We shot in early October and Dahlias are in full swing, I’m obsessed by them, they come in so many different colours & textures and they float so they were an obvious choice for this shoot. I also dream of passion flower vines & forage them locally, they give that luxurious overgrown look that I adore!

I love working with a great team of creatives – you feed off each others ideas!

The Line Up

Photography: Stephen Weymouth
Flowers: Loulabel
Make-Up & Model: Martha-Mary


Wedding beauty on its way!

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