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We have a guest post today from the lovely people at Filthy Fox Festival Gear on how to plan an epic festival hen do. There’s some good tips in this post so its 100% worth the read especially if you’re struggling to imagine how you can get your Mum or even Nan to camp!

Over to Filthy Fox……

Wild weddings are becoming more and more popular, and with so many stunning outdoor venues dotted all around the country, it’s easy to see why!

If you’re ditching the conventional church wedding, you may as well make the hen party a more adventurous and fun experience, too! Why not take those ‘L’ plates and other hen party traditions to the festival arena and give the local bars a miss?

Music festivals are the perfect hen party location, great bands, a great atmosphere and the opportunity to really let your hair down before you tie the knot.


Booking your Tickets & Getting There

If you’re arranging a hen party for a large group, you may be able to arrange a group booking, depending on which festival you’re attending. However, many of the bigger festivals, such as Glastonbury will not offer this facility, so you will need to ensure that you all book at the same time and well in advance to avoid any hens getting left behind!

To make sure you all get to the festival on time, it may be worth booking a mini bus well in advance, this way you won’t miss a thing and it removes the stress of driving in that manic festival traffic. Coach companies such as National Express run coach services to and from Leeds and Reading Festival each year. Big Green Coach also offer coach services and shuttle buses to a number of festivals across the country, so you can sit back and relax!

European festivals are a great alternative, too. With a higher chance you’ll see some sun and you can combine it with a bit of sight-seeing too. This will of course mean arranging flights for the group as well as booking accommodation. If you book far enough in advance, you can get some absolute bargains! Some festivals overseas do have camping facilities, so you may be able to save yourself the added expense of booking hotels or apartments.

Camping Arrangements


Whether or not you want your festival hen party to be a stripped down or glamorous affair, there’s an option for everyone. Many festivals now have the option to hire glamping accommodation, from Yurts to Tipis and Podpads. It’s worth noting that these can be pretty pricey options – but hey, you only get married once, right?!

If you’re on a budget, it’s probably more economical to bring your own tent. To bring the cost down even further, why not split the cost of your tent(s) between the people in your group? This will save you a bundle and you also get to bunk up with your mates.

Keeping Clean

One of the main concerns for ladies who are attending music festivals is without a doubt, cleanliness (it is next to godliness after all). After a long night of partying with your fellow hens, you’ll no doubt fancy a freshen up in the morning. Don’t worry; keeping clean at festivals isn’t as difficult as people make out!

Keeping clean at festivals isn’t impossible, believe it or not and you don’t necessarily have to queue for hours at the showers to achieve a mud free body and grease free hair. If you do decide to give the festival showers a miss, you could make do with baby wipes and dry shampoo – but they never really leave you feeling all that refreshed.

A great alternative, that actually cleans and deodorises your body, is waterless body wash – all you have to do is massage it into your skin and towel dry and voila! You’ll be feeling clean and ready to face another day of music and partying. You can also get waterless shampoo if you’re not a fan of powdery dry shampoo residue.


The festival toilets can be taken in your stride if you stock up on hand gel, tissue and a trusty Shewee. Also, never visit the toilets without wearing a decent pair of shoes or wellies, you’ll thank us for this tip later.

Hen Party Traditions

Just because you’ve taken the hen party to a less conventional setting, doesn’t mean to say that you can’t keep some of those hen party traditions alive in the arena!

The bride can still wear her sash and ‘L’ plates, she can still drink out of a penis straw and you can still play games back at the camp site in between visits to the arena. Why not arrange a scavenger hunt and split the group into teams, this can have some pretty amusing results and is great fun.

There’s plenty of fun to be had in both the arena and dance tents at festivals, even if it’s rained pretty heavily throughout the festival, just slip into a pair of funky wellies and embrace the mud bath!

Many festival goers like to dabble with fancy dress, so don’t think you have to leave your fancy dress costumes at home!

Festival Fun


Festivals offer all kinds of fun and activities, why not go for a massage, get a henna tattoo or check out the fairground rides?

You can also peruse the stalls and find yourself some trinkets and stylish clothing. Another fun activity would be to send each hen off with a budget and make them come back with the most ridiculous item of clothing they could find!

There are a number of fun and interesting things to do at festivals, besides watching the bands, of course. The activities available will all depend on the festival you choose for your hen party, but you will without a doubt have no problem keeping yourselves entertained!

Filthy Fox Festival Gear offer all those festival essentials from wellies and camp gear to gadgets and toiletries. Their pretty handy Festival Survival Kit is definitely a festival must………..loving the disposable urinal! Genius!

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