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Be prepared to get your pinterest on as we have an absolutely stunning autumnal shoot to share with you today.

These images are rich in gorgeous colours, beautiful scenery, eclectic styling and plenty of cool ideas that you can most definitely steal for your wedding. It also features one of the best wedding cakes I have seen this season by Fantasy Frostings. The icing, which includes dream catchers, bull skulls and flowers, is so intricate and well designed that they almost look real. They truly are a work of art.

Put together by the lovely Amber Events and featuring the work of Travis KaenelThe Nature of ThingsClaire Pettibone and Anna Bee Jewellery, this shoot really does epitomise the gorgeous colours, textures, tones and scenery that Autumn can provide.

Look out for the amazing bull skull by Carved Skulls. I. WANT. ONE.

Lacey from Amber Events talk us through the concept of the shoot….

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Fall is in full effect. Leaves are changing colours, temperatures are dropping and deep opulent tones are coming out to play. And so, a fall inspired shoot was born. What better way to enjoy the beauty of the season than by incorporating the season into your wedding.  With a dreamy venue, bohemian inspired wedding dresses, rustic accents and rich pops of burgundy, this shoot oozed autumn.

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Backdrops of willow trees, apple orchards, ponds and greenery brought our vision to life over rustic zinc table tops, mix matched chairs, tin boats and hay stacks. The smallest details are what really matter this season. From dream catchers to throw pillows, these little bohemian elements illuminate the rustic textures of cowhide, creamy furs, draping garland, wooden crates and a carved bull’s skull. Each component flatters the next and unifies this set to bring a sweet warm feeling. A fall feeling.

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I love the brides look with her gorgeous floral garland, tousled hair and flash tattoo – very cool and very Festival Brides!

The Line Up

Concept & Styling: Amber Events 
Photographer: Travis Kaenel 
Dresses: Claire Pettibone 
Flowers: The Nature of Things 
Venue: The Secret Garden of Parrish Ranch 
Jewellery: Trumpet & Horn 
Hair: Juree Martinez for Page Beauty 
Makeup: Tanya Bures for Page Beauty 
Nails: Gina Alcedo for Page Beauty 
Invitations: Copper Willow 
Cakes: Fantasy Frostings 
Decor Rentals: Archive Rentals 
Bulls Skull: Carved Skulls
Flash Tattoos: Anna Bee Jewellery
Model: Ellen Neary


Wedding beauty on its way!

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