Morning Lovely Peeps. I hope you are all having a great start to the week. We have a dreamy bohemian styled wedding shoot to share with your eyes this morning, sent all the way from Moscow by Russian wedding photographer Dmitry Pavlov. It is captured by a beautiful lake in a park filled with woodland – the perfect romantic setting for an outdoor wedding ceremony as the pictures below illustrate.

We love the juxtaposition of the styling of the bride and groom in this shoot. The groom has a more relaxed, informal and modern look with his quirky spotted bow tie, rolled up shirt sleeves exposing those awesome tattoos and his hair in a bun. The bride however has a more classic vintage look with a gorgeous laced veil and headband and a stunning Natalia Rasskazova wedding dress coupled with a long pearl necklace. It’s a bridal look that is both bohemian and 1920’s flapper and we think she looks very pretty and feminine against the more rugged style of the groom. We also huge fan of that over sized bouquet of wildflowers by Nellya Baranenkova which compliments the bride perfectly.

Look out for the gorgeous sun kissed images at the end of the shoot. They capture the romance between the couple beautifully and illustrate why shooting during golden hour is a wonderful time to capture the best kind of wedding photos.


A Bohemian Wedding…..

Words by Dmitry Pavlov

Today I will show you very beautiful photography, the magic couple, Dmitry and Xenia. I love to shoot bright, beautiful people. Dmitry and Xenia are an incredibly beautiful and bright couple. Shooting at them was very emotional.

For the photo session I chose one of the most picturesque corners of Moscow – Serebryany Bor Park. The place is very quiet and beautiful: many lakes surrounded by trees. Across the lake was an old wooden bridges – the perfect place for a Bohemian wedding.

Dmitry and Xenia both looked incredibly beautiful. Dmitry in the classic way looked very manly and natural. Xenia chose a very light silk dress, simple accessories and a large bouquet. As if woven of light, her smile the whole day beaming.

The meeting and the walk of the bride and groom were very touching, and then we shot a beautiful wedding ceremony at sunset. Shooting finished at the table with candles and flowers.

Especially for shooting was created beautiful accessories in the chosen colour scheme, with pedestal for rings was a real bird’s nest found in the forest and decorated with moss. In the rest of the decor we used lots of wildflowers and natural fabrics and materials.

I love this picture of bright emotions, a bold combination of colours and endless beauty and harmony of the pair.

This shooting we wanted to inspire couples to be vivid, real, and not like the others. Don’t be afraid of individuality, it’s just your story!

The Line Up

Photographer: Dmitry Pavlov
Flowers and Decor: c
Stylist: Veronika Demina
Wedding Dress: Natalia Rasskazova
Groom suit: Patrikman
Engagement Rings: Amorem


Wedding beauty on its way!

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