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If you’ve found yourself tasked with organising a hen party for a health-conscious bride-to-be, you’re not the only one. Healthy hen do parties are on the rise as a growing number of women in the UK are staying true to their healthy lifestyle when it comes to their last night of freedom, rather than going for the more traditional wild night out.

For a healthier hen do experience that’s still bursting with as much fun and frills as a more “traditional” celebration, welcome in these top 5 alternative hen party ideas recommended by Vitabiotics, that you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

1. Work up a sweat and have a good time

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Heading to the gym might have been the last option you thought of when planning a hen party. With 9.9 million of us in the UK being proud owners of a gym membership, many gyms are undergoing a rebrand as a place to have your hen do.

From private spin classes featuring the bride-to-be’s favourite songs, to providing prosecco and protein shakes or a makeover at the on-site hairdresser after the private hen party class – head to your bride’s gym to ask what they can do to accommodate your party. You may be surprised how much fun an energetic workout can be ahead of the big day.

2. Put on your dancing shoes

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Surprise the bride-to-be by dressing her up in her exercise gear and eighties leg warmers and taking her to your nearest dance studio. Instructed by a private dance teacher, the future bride and her friends can learn to bust a move or two to their favourite songs which may even come in handy for the wedding party.

This alternative hen party idea is the perfect option if the bride has a number of friends who don’t all know each other – it works as a great icebreaker. The bride will thank you as her maid of honour for the incredible atmosphere at her wedding, thanks to this lovely bonding experience.

3. Get active on the coast

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Does the bride-to-be long to live the Californian dream? Bring the essence of the California lifestyle to the UK with a coastal hen party. Whether they’re elegantly gliding down the coast on their paddleboard or snapping a photo of the hen party enjoying the sunset on the beach, your bride-to-be will have have a relaxing and fun hen party with this option. For the more adventurous hen parties, there are plenty of supervised activities to enjoy on a coastal hen party, including sea kayaking and coasteering which is a mixture of climbing, swimming, bouldering and cliff jumping.

4. A treasure hunt down memory lane

Treasure hunt hen party

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There are a number of companies around the UK who can help tailor and plan a fun-filled treasure hunt for the bride-to-be. Creating exciting scenarios, challenges and tasks to do with the hen and her relationship with her groom-to-be is a fun way for her and the whole group to celebrate their relationship. Alternatively, if you’re a small, close-knit group of friends, you could centre the treasure hunt around your friendship in your hometown or University town, depending on where you all met.

5. Perfect for a zen and yogi bride-to-be

yoga class hen party ideas

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If the bride-to-be is more likely to be found in a Warrior I or Upward Facing Dog yoga position than dancing on the table in a bar, then a zen hen party may be the perfect choice.

Take the hen party to a yoga retreat complete with yoga classes and healthy brunch, afternoon tea or dinner options. Helping the bride-to-be feel all ‘zenned-out’ before her big day, which can be stressful to organise for some, makes this one of the best alternative and healthy hen party ideas.

These are just a few of Vitabiotics’ favourite healthy and fun-filled hen party ideas. If you have any suggestions of your own for how to throw a healthy hen do, we’d love to hear about them!

We hope you all have a great weekend.


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