I am possibly the most dedicated Jenny Packham lover. I first visited the Jenny Packham store a few years ago as a bridesmaid for my friends wedding. I have to say I’ve never been to another designer since!! I loved the ethereal and whimsical feel of Jenny’s styling as I’ve always been scared of big corseted wedding dresses.

Naturally when I heard she was having a sample sale last year I thought I’d pop in for a quick look – I ended up buying the third dress i tried on, followed by a shock glass of prosecco in the pub next door by 10.30!! My wedding dress purchase experience was not what you would call traditional –  It would have been great to see the whole dress in a full length mirror, having a few family tears and adorning myself with jewels before handing over my hard earned and saved dress fund, but I had two friends who told me it looked perfect on and it was the ONE!! So being a nightmare decision maker I actually ended up making the fastest decision of my life! I’m still scared to try on the dress at home and I know I need to go vintage shopping to find the right jewels to bring it to life and make it my own.. I think in the back of my mind I’m still thinking how do you know if it’s the ONE!!

For now it is, but i might pop down to JP’s just to try on some of these beautiful dresses from her latest collection. Watch this space for more dress options, knowing me I’ll end up with 3 very different dresses options on the day…

All images from www.jennypackham.com


Wedding beauty on its way!

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