Vows. They’re at the epicentre of every ground moving wedding. Those ‘I dos’ are a big deal; the moment that you’ve been waiting for, they change everything. So why, certainly in the UK at least, do we so often pay them so little attention? Whether you make traditional style ‘repeat after me’ vows to your partner, or an outpouring of personal sentiment (guaranteed I’ll need a Kleenex or four!), our motto remains: make them once (with a bit of luck) and make them well!

And the 2018 wedding gods seem to agree with us, because one of the new ceremony must-haves are Vow Books. These little babies aren’t a brand new concept, that’s for sure, but they’ve always been kinda patiently waiting in the wings for their moment to shine. Not anymore though, quickly becoming a top of the list to include (and absolutely smash!) in the world of bridal styled shoots, the vow book is is now topping the ceremony must-haves list!

Case in point: the incredible autumnal shoot Laura shared earlier this week. Everything was just stunning: the abundant florals were warm and luscious, the models had that look of young love in their eyes, the outdoor venue shone in all its glory, and there amongst it all, was a perfectly crafted, ribbon tied Vow Book in coordinating mustard velvet…

 So whether your vows are traditional or personal, long or short, 2018 brides may just find a vow book creeping up their to-do list. From rustic brown card booklets, tiny leather bound books, to sheets of perspex (of course! It’s only been the biggest trend of 2017!) couples are writing out their vows.

Have them made on a platform such as Etsy or NOTHS (or click any of the images for their source/supplier), talk to your stationer about the possibility of coordinating vow books, or even make them yourself (there’s a gorgeous watercolour DIY in the image below!). However you go about it, you won’t regret having those beautiful all-important words captured in plain sight.

  ‘Why bother though?’ you might ask… And it’s a good question! Here’s what we’ve learnt:

ONE | They create multiple sweet photo opportunities, as well as making it discernible which of the ceremony photos you’re actually exchanging those all important vows

TWO | They’re a timeless, compact memento. Small enough to perch on a shelf in your home, and especially poignant for those saying personal vows to one another, a bound vow book could easily become the heirloom piece of this generation – and what a beautiful heirloom it would be – especially if handwritten! I know you’re busy brides-to-be, but think of your great grandchildren!

THREE | In the spirit of mementos, how lovely to be able to read over your vows, years into your marriage, and remind yourself of the promises you made (made all the more lovely because they’re in that sweet little book!)

FOUR | It gives nervous hands something to hold. Once your bouquet’s been handed to one of your lovely maids, often brides feel a little more exposed, now granted you might simply cling on to your spouse-to-be (no really, I literally held on to my beau for our entire ceremony!) but sometimes, handing over your bouquet in exchange for your vow book can help those nervous hands!

FIVE | Last but by no means least, vow books create a wonderful opportunity to say your vows to each other in private. Yes *Spoiler Alert* I know! But, how intimate and beautiful to say your vows (especially if they’re personal vows) to one another as part of your ‘first look’?

I mean, I literally live for moments like these…

…Singing your vows is a whole other level of extra, of course! But how beautiful, right?! Vow books, get it on your to-do list, babes, and give yourself a moment for those all important promises.


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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