What’s up, beautiful people! So, this question has been whirling round in our heads for months now, and we’re seeing an increasing number of couples opting for this statement floral ceremony structure…

Where a decadent floral arch once stood in the wedding world, now stands the Ceremony Wreath.

…Or does it? This one seems to divide the masses, some of you are loyal to the timeless archway while, in the opposite camp, plenty of couples are welcoming this breath of fresh air. The difference? Not a lot, really, but the final impact is quite different. Ceremony wreaths, for the most, part are a complete circle of foliage, florals and/or fairy lights, either elevated a little off of the ground, or appearing to sit on the ground. Like the archway, they provide a stunning backdrop for your vow makin’ and can relatively easily be transported to a second location as part of the reception decor too.

However, unlike the versatile archway, the Ceremony Wreath is almost always at the end of the aisle, rather than having the option of walking through the archway as you enter your ceremony venue… Unless you’re willing to quite literally jump through hoops for your man!

The jury’s still out, so we thought it best to explore this new comer in full: welcome, the Ceremony Wreath!

Because pampas grass is kinda *understatement* a big deal right now (see more on that right here) some of our favourite, and if our Instagram is anything to go by, some of your favourite ceremony wreaths are fluffy circles of gorgeously golden pampas grass. Position in front of a gorgeous view, pop down a vintage Persian rug and your ceremony is set.

I mean, combining two of 2017’s hottest wedding trends, can’t go far wrong really, can you?!

Then of course, is the gorgeous green foliage ceremony circle. Don’t you just love that view in the above photo too, from the opposite side? The couple beautifully framed in that poignant symbol of a never-ending, whole and perfect circle. We also totally love that this couple decided to scatter their aisle with petals to match the smattering of coloured blooms incorporated in the predominantly foliage wreath, just gorgeous.

As with an archway, a green foliage wreath is an absolute failsafe. As delicate or luscious as you desire, with the addition of pops of colour or white to tie it into your overall vibe it’s the perfect subtle-while-stunning neutral decor for your outdoor ceremony, or an incredible way to bring the outdoors inside for a barn or industrial ceremony setting.

The placement of your wreath is also something to consider, do you want the circle to appear to be sat on the ground, as though seamless with the earth? Or you could consider a raised structure, which is great for photo placement, as they often centrally frame the couple’s faces while making their vows, and arguably you get a more striking sense of the entire circle.

The stands also work really well if you plan on having trailing flowers as part of the wreath arrangement, as it allows them to hang the whole way round the circle, creating a beautiful sense of continuation and flow.

Then of course, is the broken circle… While this kinda negates some of the powerful symbolism aforementioned, it does look all kinds of gorgeous! Creating either a crescent moon shape, or simply a more circular-like arch (a happy medium for those on the fence, potentially?!) gives the same vibe as a full wreath, while arguably a little softer and more dynamic.

 While I’m personally a huge foliage/pampas fan when it comes to wedding florals, for all your big bold colour-loving brides out there, wreaths don’t have to be all neutral, hell nah!

From rose-clad circles, to bright pops, to a huge, decadent hydrangea wreath (So extra! We LOVE it!), colour and texture definitely work on the wedding wreath.

Look out for the wintery vibes created with deep rich reds on one half of the wreath and interwoven antlers on the opposite – incredibly beautiful…

Now to think a little outside the box for a moment:

  1. Who said the wreath had to be a floor-based structure? Why not suspend it for ultimate wow factor?!
  2. Who said you could only have one?! Consider multiple (and maybe smaller) wreaths to create your suspended backdrop
  3. Not a fresh flower fan? Two words for you: fairy. lights.

…Just a little food for thought, of course!

Hmmm, what do you guys think? Wreath or arch?! Or is there a place for both?! We’re enjoying the change to be honest, it’s like the whole naked cake trend, for a while there it was all we saw, but a little absence over the past year has made our hearts grow fonder! Let us know your vote in the comments below.


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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