M1Afternoon, babes!

Boy, have I got some serious pretty to share with y’all this lunchtime. We’re taking a look at one of the hottest wedding dress trends for the later part of 2015 and right into 2016 too: Floral Textures.

Whether it’s a heavily detailed neckline, a sprinkling of blooms down your back, or all-over texture, adding flowers to your dream wedding dress checklist is a must right now. We’re gonna explore every possibility, including gold and jewelled detailing and, of course, our much beloved blush dresses!

So grab yourself a coffee, sit back and simply soak up this utter gorgeous from start to end…


Floral Mesh

Let’s talk mesh.

Oh yes LET’S. We’re self-confessed mega fans here at FBrides. Mesh allows that sassy sheer element without having to over-bare on your wedding day and it helpfully provides a platform for illusively free florals.

From an entire body covering to sheer sleeves with blooming cuffs or florals to hide the essentials (we see you daring brides, and we’ve got high fives for you!).

We are all about that mesh life.

Witness the fitness:

M25M29M10M4M3Like, really though?!

Does it get any more luxe than this? No. I’ll answer that for you!

Weddings have been about wearing your flowers for a while now, (you guys have heard of a flower crown right?), but this is next-level gorgeous.

Floral Layers

Texture is the word. And for 2015/2016 we want it all.

Layers upon layers of fabrics, it’s a multi dimensional piece that appears almost alive with movement and depth.

It’s a sensation. These dresses are so tactile and such an art form, they’ll fascinate and they’ll hold the gaze of admirers. They’re intricate in the best possible way.

L12S5L11S15L7The finest delicacy.

They’re exquisite heirloom pieces that’ll floor the girls in your family for years to come #Legacy

Floral Sparkle

If you’re all about that textured, layered look, but you need your dose of sparkle, then girl of course we got you.

From sequins to crystals, pearls to beading; flowers can be created from almost any kinda sparkle, and my goodness does it make for a gorgeous piece…

J6SP33SP23Catch the light right, and you’re wearing the most gorgeous glittering garden.

Pair a heavily embellished body with a layered chiffon skirt for laid back cool-girl sparkle, or hit up all over embellishment for the ultimate show stopper.

Floral Back

You guys KNOW we love back detailing (read more on that lover affair here) and needless to say, a floral back is high on our list of must haves.

I mean, just look…

BA20BA18BA16That last one has something a little bit ‘butterfly’ about it too, dontcha think? #Adorbs

So, whether it’s a pretty design inlaid in mesh or a three dimensional chiffon creation, just say ‘yes’ to the floral back, pair it with a simple, dishevelled up do or lob length hair, and a played-down front of the dress and you’re sure to stun.

Floral Golds

This is just divine. Everything you love about Floral Texture, turned to gold.

It’s a hint of Gatsby, with a natural fairytale floral edge that makes it perfectly bohemian and perfect for the Autumn/Winter bride.

We like our gold over sheer fabrics and with extra sparkle, please.

G34G32G31Beautiful, right?

The deep amber tones are so Autumn appropriate, but paired with the mesh sleeves, the dress is delicate and elegant.

Swoon, swoon hard.

Floral Blush

A match made before time began, surely? Blush and Floral Textures.

Here at FBrides we are invested in the blush wedding gown (like seriously, we’ve spent a lot of time dreaming on this concept!). It’s the perfect alternative for a bohemian bride, it compliments almost every skin tone and it’s such a soft, gentle choice for a woodland bride…

Check out our Pinterest board THE BLUSHING BRIDE. for everything you need to know about this shade.

And in the meantime, enjoy these beauties…


Whether you choose something with additional colour, or go all-blush-everything, layers upon layers or delicate fabric are a must to create the dimension of those blushing blooms. Pair with played-down makeup and let the dress do all the talking.

Floral Blues

Still searching for your ‘something blue’? Here it is, ladies!

We fell off our chairs when we stumbled across this backstage shot, an almost entirely transparent skirt over an elegantly loose-fitting, sleeved white body, paired with copper sandals and finished with those electric blue blooms?

It’s Blush’s electric, playful younger sister…

B30Wow. I can’t deal.

If electric isn’t your vibe though, then take your Floral Blues to a beautifully mermaid-esq washed out place, with layers of chiffon and embellishment…

B19There are no words.

Just keep swooning.

Floral All Over

This is for the ‘go hard, or go home’ gals among you:

All Floral Everything.

Take your Floral Textures to a higher place and embrace all-over blooms.

We love them sheer, we love them short, we love them as separates…

A26A22A14A13H28H17H9H27Holla at me, girls!

Are they not just everything your dreams are filled of?! I genuinely cannot find an adequate adjective to express the sheer lusciousness of this trend.

Hearts for eyes, all day and all night. (Yes when in doubt, revert to emojis to express oneself!)

Have yourself a chill day babes, MWAH!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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