TITLEGood morning, good people!

We’re here. Friday has finally arrived, and you know what that means! Yes, we are getting our lifestyle blogger fix today and having one last fling with Autumn before December (and the C-Word) hits full force!

We’re taking a moment to talk about the events of the last week before looking at our go-to products (think high street primers that get you a catwalk-esq glow), hair styles (seriously, this is the easiest life hack ever, and it’s SO on trend) as well as our current TV addiction (did someone say Olivia Pope?!) and our November health resolutions!

Grab yourself a coffee, kick off those heels under your desk and chill with me, babe…

One: Do What You Can

First up, before we get into all the fun and games that 10 WTMLL usually is, we just want to take a moment to acknowledge that life for so many in the world is far from lovely right now. Our hearts go out to all those affected by the Paris attacks last week and, indeed, to those affected by acts of violence and terrorism across the world.

If you’re able, why not join us in making someone else’s life even a tiny bit lovelier today by giving what you can to the charities helping in Paris:

• French Red Cross – The organisation deployed 340 volunteers to support survivors and help up support centres. Donations are also being accepted in English.

• Local organizations: Secours populaire française is an organisation that fights poverty and called for solidarity with the victims. It’s president, Julien Lauprêtre, issued a statement that the organisation is mourning “in the face of barbarism and hate” and called for “gestures of humanity.”

Another organization, Cecours Catholique-Caritas France, is helping victims and routinely helps the impoverished.

The group Restaurants du Cœur, or Restaurants of Love, distributes meals to those in need.


Two: Get the Lumi Glow

Now. THIS, my friends. Has been a glow-changer.

Recommended by various beauty bloggers across the ‘tube, I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and bought L’oreal’s Lumi Magique Primer.

Let’s just say, I have not been disappointed.

Akin to Mac’s Strobe Cream, if you’re looking for glowing radiant skin this winter simply massage into clean skin (with clean hands, ain’t nobody got time for breakouts!) and apply foundation over top, or simply combine a pump of the Lumi primer with your foundation, mix up a little cocktail on the back of your hand and say ‘Oh heyyyy’ to that lust worthy glow!


Three: Supplement

Put simply: vitamins are vital.

Life is about to get even busier my darlings (brace yourself, the C-word is a-comin’), and in these colder months when we find ourselves tired and maybe a little rundown, we’re a more susceptible to viruses. Yes, even you, Wonder Woman.

Keep life lovely by pre-empting those germs and get your bod kitted out and in prime condition. We read this article by the amazing Mother Mag (I’m not even a mother and I’m next-level addicted to those girls!) for the 411 on all the supplement support we women need!


Four: Hello From the Other Side

Just a little observation on life from a village girl from the Midlands: keep it old school and say ‘Hey’ to strangers.

It’s so easy to lose ourselves in our little bubble, right?

Headphones are in, you’re looking at your screen, you’re walking (at what feels like the speed of light) to get to that meeting you really need to not be late for. You’re busy, you have an agenda.

So, here’s the challenge: look up from your screen (Instagram will still be there when you get home tonight), take out your headphones and look up, smile at an unfamiliar face, maybe even say ‘Hey’.

As contrived and idealistic as it might sound, you never know who’s day you might be brightening and, in turn, I’d guarantee it’ll brighten yours.


Five: High Necks Rule All

This is my winter uniform. No questions, no quibble, we’re done here.

Turtle / polo / funnel necks, whatever you wanna call them, are everywhere and we are in love!

Wear them chic and folded over, or left nonchalantly unfolded to keep even your chin snug!

11So effortlessly cool, right?

We love them paired with either soft eyes and a bold red lip, or strong brows and a nude lip.

How gorgeous is this basic light sweater by Zara? Keep hair casual and wispy to maintain that untamed look (just how we like it!)

10I mean, I won’t be wearing anything else this winter. For sure.

And Zara nailed it again with this poncho style funnel neck too, so elegant for this season…


Six: the Hair Tuck

This is the hair styling hack I mentioned in the opening paragraph and it is my ride-or-die look right now (mainly ’cause I’m too lazy to style my Lob, but hey, no judgement please).

Skipping hand in hand with the turtle neck trend is the Hair Tuck.

SO. You know that moment when you pull your turtle neck over your head, get your arms in the sleeves etc etc. (I mean, you know how it goes, right?!) and all your hair is caught in the neckline?

The trick this season is to simply leave it there.

Revolutionary, hey?

And it looks BOMB.


Seven: It’s Handled

You guys. Life has been on hold.

Everything stops for Scandal, #amiright?!

Now in it’s 5th season, my beau and I are still playing catch up with season 4, but this is a must-watch. We simply cannot put it down.

18From Kerry Washington’s glorious face, to her complicated love triangle (FYI, we’re #teamJake in our house!).

Then there’s those wine glasses! Hearts for eyes…

Seriously though, I’ve started drinking red wine out of my obsession with her, and now I also absolutely need those gorgeous glasses!

Top it all off with a huge load of drama, several catchy phrases (‘SHUT IT DOWN’) and a tonne of sassy AF girl power and you are good to go.

Eight: Now Listening

Did anyone else get introduced to this enchanting soul via the unlikely medium of TFI Friday a week or so ago?!

Meet Benjamin Clementine. A singer songwriter and pianist, who spent years busking on the streets of Paris before being signed to a major label and finding himself nominated for the Mercury Prize.

He is simply captivating.

Benjamin Clementine

In his interview with the Guardian:

…He insists he’s “not a good pianist and not a good singer” but a storyteller…“I know, deep down, that what makes my music what it is are my words,” he says. “It always starts from me wanting to say something. Once I’ve run out of things to say, I’ll be done.”

Take a moment, you guys.


Nine: Werky Before Turkey

MAJOR disclaimer: my husband insisted I named it this.

(Ok ok, so I might have accidentally blurted out the ‘Werky Turkey’ gag first, but I had no intention of actually using it!)

ANYWAY. Point is, that Christmas (there, I finally said it, first time this year guys!) is just around the corner and with that comes a sh-ed load of over indulgence and (if you’re anything like me) sheer mindless eating. Judge me, I do!

So why not get yourself feeling fit and healthy and lovely in preparation for said overindulgence? It can’t hurt to get a head start, right?

Whether you hit the gym, the pool, the pavement or maybe even hit up some Youtube workouts (we use these and these) or even jump on the Kayla Itsines wagon and get her renowned Bikini Body guide (which I love, but it defeats me every time) and get that pre-Christmas sweat on!


Ten: Treat Yo’ Self

I gotta say love this last one.

My beau always jokes that the ladies in my family have a certain predilection for ‘treats’, as we fondly refer to them, and it’s true. We girls believe in treating yo’self.

So whether it’s that Cinnamon Bun scented Philosophy body cream you’ve been dreaming of, or the Marble Macbook skin you’ve coveted for the last year…

Take a moment, before the holiday season and present shopping for everyone else is in full swing, and gift yourself a little something.

262827…And yes, I finally bought the Macbook skin. I’m still (barely) resisting the body cream though!

Have a lovely weekend, and do let us know what’s making  your life lovely right now! Sharing is caring 😉

See y’all on the flip side!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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