title-3Good morning, glorious people! And thank GOODNESS it’s Friday, #amiright?! What. A. Week. Well, in the spirit of powering on through, today we plan to fill your screen with an abundance of sheer loveliness, because, well chin up n’all that!

From a toothbrush that could improve dental health across the world (dream big hey!) to a London pop up of one our favourite brands (finally!), then there’s hot cocoa laced with a little something something, the ultimate ‘cosy by the fire’ album, and a film that managed to simultaneously induce hysterics in both myself, my beau and my mother-in-law!

You know the drill guys, grab a cup of something tasty and let’s get into it, shall we?

One: Humble Brush

What a discovery this was this month: the Humble Brush.

I know guys, a toothbrush. I mean, steady on, the excitement might prove too much!

But seriously, this is the best toothbrush I’ve ever bought. And here’s why:

  • It’s made of 100% biodegradable Panda friendly Bamboo, the fastest growing plant on Earth, which also happens to be naturally antibacterial
  • It’s BPA free
  • It’s vegan
  • Its chic Swedish design, created alongside dentists
  • The packaging is created from recycled materials and is itself recyclable
  • And most importantly… For every brush you buy, a child in need receives one or alternative oral care

…I mean, do you need any more reasons to go and order one right away?!

1e-copy  1a 1b 1c 1dPs. perfect stocking filler too, right?!

Two: Grown Up Cocoa

Because man has it been cold this last week!

Nothing says absolute indulgence like a gigantic moderately sized mug of steaming hot cocoa. That is, except a gigantic moderately sized mug of steaming hot cocoa laced with a little something extra!

Whether it’s that super popular red wine recipe that’s popping up everywhere, this yummy alcohol free, Earl Grey infused London Fog recipe, or a little tipple of warming whisky.

However you like yours; a little luxury goes a mighty long way.

2d 2c 2b 2a 2e 2fAaaaaand salivating.

Three: Baked Cosiness

Continuing as I mean to go on (this month has been all about dat cosy life for me!) correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s just nothing like walking in to a house filled with the smell of freshly baked goods.

Who’s with me?

Be it a loaf, flatbreads… Whatever takes your fancy, there’s something wholesome and earthy about baking bread. It slows us down, it’s wonderfully tactile and dang, does it taste good!

3c 3a 3d 3bI mean, get in my mouth. Right now.

Four: The Reformation


You guys have heard me bang on about incredible US brand, Reformation, on numerous occasions previously, and the news that they have finally (FINALLY, I tell you!) come to the UK in the form of a pop up store in London, certainly made my week a whole lot lovelier!

Oh yes, friends! This amazing sustainable label opened the doors to it’s gorgeous Monmouth street premises this week.

It’ll only be around until mid-December though, so don’t hang about! So many of their pieces would make amazing bridesmaid gowns (they do also have a bridal line!) or just an incredible Christmas party outfit!

FYI though, you can’t actually buy the pieces in store, it’s more a case of road testing them, then ordering from touch screens (with free shipping) to pick up from store.

4a 4d 4c 4bHeart eyes much!? See you there!

Five: Pilgrim Jewels

From one brand we adore to the next… If you haven’t already, meet Pilgrim.

Ever been browsing your favourite instagram feed/fashion blog to find a piece that you just love, but it’s the same price as your monthly rent?!

Yeah. I feel you. Expensive taste is a burden we share my friend.

So, when I stumbled across Pilgrim whilst perusing the beautiful boutique shops of Hay-on-Wye, you better believe I held my breath when I went looking for the price tag…

I needn’t of! Pilgrim is one of those elusive gems: high end looking collections, at remarkable high street prices.

From elegantly minimalist stud earrings, to bohemian layered bangles (their eclipse bangle is my absolute favourite!). Get your Christmas list at the ready, girls!

5a 5f 5c 5b 5d 5eAnd almost all their pieces are available in a yellow gold, rose gold and silver style finishes (and, ummm, we want them all!)

Six: Recipe Collectors

I never thought of myself as a collector, but when it comes to recipes, I’m an unadulterated hoarder and proud of it!

Whether it’s been passed down through the family, pinched from a favourite food blog, or jotted down from an instagram caption, if it looks like it’s gonna taste good, I need it.

The biggest struggle though? Keeping said collectables in one single location and in some sort of organised fashion.

Enter a host of super cute recipe organisers that we all need in our lives…

6a 6g 6f 6d 6bRight?! Paper chase have me heart and soul with that ‘Good Food, Good Mood’ book. #yespleasesanta

Seven: Now Listening

A dear friend recently recommended this beautiful album to me. At 12 years old (HOW is 2004 that long ago?!) this certainly isn’t a ‘new music Friday’, but this album and artist are new to me and have suited the mood just perfectly these past couple of weeks.

Inducing absolutely loveliness is the sound of Iron & Wine, aka singer-songwriter, Sam Beam.

…And this album in particular, I find to be simply intoxicating.

‘Our Endless Numbered Days’ is a series of beautiful, almost cinematic pieces, infused with a honey warmth, soft hushed vocals, weepy slide guitars and prickly banjos, qualities all filtered through an earthy folk sound that belys his Southern heritage.

I first heard this album while sipping hot peppermint tea, sat discussing life’s intricacies opposite a roaring log fire on a cold November day. I can’t think of a more perfect setting than that.

7c 7bI do believe that Iron & Wine might see me successfully through the the trials and tribulations of Trump’s election the cold winter! Just so soothing.

Eight: That’s Lush

Oh guys.

There is a new love in my life: Lush Cosmetics.

I mean, this is old news right? Everyone likes a bit of Lush! But I’d never really looked too in depth at their products. Sure their bath bombs make your bath water look like a galaxy from far far away… But what about their soap bar shampoos? Their powdered toothpaste?! I’d just never really looked that closely!

Then I went vegan and got used to looking at everything in great detail! And that, of course, meant my cosmetics too. And I have to say it was absolutely lovely to dedicate (read: unintentionally lose) an entire evening to their website! I perused their products and their ethics at great length, and have found some absolute gems that may well become lifelong favourites.

My little haul included the following…

8a-copy 8e-completeSkin Drink Facial Moisturiser

Quench thirsty skin with this cream packed with nourishing oils and butters, avocados, aloe vera and a light rose and orange neroli fragrance. Forming a light barrier against the elements, this is ideal for all weathers and is especially good for soothing the skin and helping it feel more supple.

Key ingredients:

  • Fresh Rose Petal Infusion – to condition and smooth
  • Fairtrade Organic Sesame Oil – rich in nutrients and hydrating on the skin
  • Organic Evening Primrose Oil – to balance and restore


Soak and Float Shampoo Bar

A no-nonsense shampoo bar. Cade oil is derived from juniper and has long been used to treat psoriasis, dandruff, and eczema. Rose and marigold petals calm things down and soothe redness. All good things to help soothe scalps.

Key ingredients:

  • Fresh Rose Petal Infusion – to balance and restore
  • Cade Oil – antimicrobial and antiseptic
  • Tonka Absolute – for a sweet scent


Ultrablast Tooth Powder

A galactically good blend of mint and wasabi takes your mouth to a different dimension. This potent mix of garden pea powder, peppermint and spearmint will leave your mouth as clean as a whistle. Simply dab your toothbrush into the powder then get brushing.

Key ingredients:

  • French Organic Lavender oil – to calm, soothe and balance
  • Wasabi Powder – potent and cleansing
  • Peppermint Oil – to cool and invigorate


Veganese Conditioner

A light conditioner for a more manageable mane without weighing it down. We use agar agar gel (seaweed) to soften the hair, to give this conditioner a silky texture. We’ve blended in lashings of lemon oil and juice to give your hair gloss and a soothing lavender infusion that together with rosemary soothes and calms your scalp.

Key ingredients:

  • Fresh Organic Lemon Juice – to refresh and rejuvinate
  • Lavender Flower Infusion – to balance and calm
  • Agar Agar Gel – to soften and moisturise
  • Benzoin Resinoid – warming and sweetly perfumed

…And let me say that thus far, it’s been love at first sight/smell! Go and explore their website, I feel like there’s a wealth of natural cosmetic diamonds that might otherwise be lost in store, just waiting to be discovered and delivered straight to your door!

(Poetry NOT intended, soz guys!)

Nine: Festive Feels

I know some of you are gonna scream at me from behind your screens right now for getting momentarily festive on y’all, but I’m a ‘ease myself into it’ kinda gal, so when Rockett St George‘s Christmas catalogue arrived in my mail this week, I have to say that indulging in just a little holiday decor cheer did put a smile on my face.

And the awesome thing about RSG is that it’s always subtle, just ‘enough’ Christmas, if you catch my drift.

Think deep burgundy paired with gold, rather than your traditional crimson red. White Scandi style details and brass folkish details.

I’d subscribe to that! I mean, I already did, but you know what I mean!

9a 9d 9c 9bLike, it’s just a gentle nudge in the direction of Christmas, right? Can’t hurt!

Ten: Now Watching

And finally, an absolute ‘must watch’ for this month, especially if you’ve found yourself despairing in humanity on occasion this week (you’re not alone!) is Netflix original, ‘The Fundamentals of Caring’.

Dark-while-hilariously funny, this heart warming indie road-movie will have you constantly split between laughter and tears.

Is it formulaic? Yes. Is it sentimental? Yup. Does Selena Gomez feature? Yeah about that…

Did I love it in spite of those things? Absolutely.


10d 10bI mean, I think I’ve got you guys all set up for a pretty glorious evening there: come home, treat yourself in a little self-care with your new favourite Lush products and Humble Brush, whip up a mug of super indulgent cocoa and settle down to a cracking good film. Done and DONE.

Have an awesome weekend, keep your chin up and we’ll see you on the flip side guys!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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