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Friday is the WORD! What a week it’s been and, of course, we’ve hit the gorgeous month of November, so it’s only fair that we share this month’s 10 Ways to Make Life Lovely!

This edition we’re stepping up the cosy factor, upping the body positivity, getting ahead of the game and getting our detox on in preparation for some serious Christmas feastin’.

Are you ready for this?! Enjoy the ride!…

One: the Blanket Scarf

First up, it’s getting cold and we are all about that cosy life now we’ve hit November!

Give thanks, because the almighty fashion gods have blessed this season with the Blanket Scarf…

It’s such an original title right?!

*cue the neutral face emoji*

But then I guess neither ‘Blarf’ nor ‘Scanket’ are particularly complimentary labels either…

I digress! Dodgy names aside, they’re the accessory to equip yourself with this winter. Wear them alone over sweaters to nail this transitional phrase, and then layer them up with your favourite coat once we hit full winter.

We. Heart.

1b1c1aOh, Lordy! Yes!

Opt for neutrals: grey, black, camel… (You know the drill) and they’ll work over every outfit, for every occasion.

Or, of course, you could totally work an autumnal plaid, belted at the waist! This adorable style is not only a street style favourite right now, but it’s oh-so practical if you’re on the move; keeping your ‘blarf’ (ha, soz guys!) in place and out of the way all day long!


Two: Making Time

Jamie swoon… Ahem! I mean.. Woon has released his new album and we haven’t stopped playing it.

No, but seriously. All week, on repeat, with mega bass.

Here’s what the Guardian has to say:

From the first track, ‘Message’, drums and bass dominate, as tracks emerge out of a soulful, primordial murk, with every note and lyric sounding honed, terse and meticulously crafted… Woon might have been expected to return with a dancefloor-focused second album, but instead he’s taken the soul road, and it sounds like a brilliant statement of intent.

We’re obsessed and we think you will be too.

Here’s the album’s opening track, Message, for you to enjoy for the remainder of the post!

Three: Decaf Detox

Ok. I see you scrolling past this one, all like: ‘No talkie before coffee’ and I feel you, sister!

If you’d mentioned this idea to me last month you would’ve definitely gotten this:

I mean, ‘Decaf’?! Ergh. No. Dirty Word.

But then, I read this, and I spoke to a few friends who suffered with varying levels of stress and anxiety and heard of how they’d quit caffeine and never looked back…

So, I did it, you guys. I took one for the team.

And, after just under a week of minor headaches (yes, the addiction was real!) I genuinely haven’t looked back.

2bHear me though, I still LOVE coffee! So the search for a mind-blowing (in a totally non-toxic way) alternative has been ON!

Only a few days ago I discovered Cru Kafe’s incredible decaf pods for my Nespresso machine, and seriously? You won’t know any different!


Four: Crack out the Fairy Lights

Ok so, disclaimer: I’m a hardcore member of the ‘fairly lights all year round’ camp.

Whatever, judge me! I can’t get enough of them!

But even if you solely associate the delicate glint and warm glow (*sigh*) of fairy lights with Christmas, why not crack them out now?!

They’re a beautiful addition to your home decor, they’ll warm up these dark evenings and ease you into that festive spirit gently!

Go on, I dare you!


Five: Diary Goals

So, I hate to drop this bomb, but there are a mere 55 days left in 2015.

*Cue many expletives to the sum of = HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN*

I know, right?! It’s happening though, guys and nothing helps you ease into the New Year (my gosh, am I really talking about this?! HELP) like being organised.

Of course, you’re gonna need a cute-ass diary to do that, so check out Aussie brand, Mi Goals, available on Etsy!

3a3b3c3dWe’re self proclaimed Goal Diggers, so that  ‘Goal Summary’ page is just, frankly, orgasmic.

Perfect for a bride-to-be who likes to see how far she’s come!

Six: Chunky Knit Throws

I told you we were all about that cosy life this month, and not least when sat on the sofa you’re waiting for the heating to kick in every evening.

Get your chilly mitts on a super chunky knit throw for ultimate cosy vibes this winter!

We adore this one by John Lewis.


Seven: On our Wishlist

Anybody else’s wishlist just doubled in size?!

It’s dangerous, the more I start thinking about everyone else’s Christmas presents, the more I find myself wanting!

On that note…

Meet LA jewellery brand, Vrai and Oro.

Things you need to know:

  • Their name means ‘Truth and Gold’
  • Their tagline is ‘fine jewellery, markups’ (which we DIG!)
  • They ship worldwide
  • You need to get hinting to Santa’s rather handsome elf!


Eight: Love Your Lines

If you haven’t already, go pay the #LoveYourLines instagram feed a visit.

It’s simple: women (and men!) are learning to love their bodies as they are, in all their uniqueness and, in doing so, they’re telling media-based/superficial/narrow-minded assumptions and expectations to eff off.

And that, my friends, is something we can get behind.

Check out some of the testimonials below (they’re beautiful!), read this hilarious article by Bustle on ‘Things women with stretch marks are tired of hearing; because our bodies aren’t ruined’ and read about Chrissy Teigan’s nod to this awesome campaign!

Body positive is the new black, y’all.

9a9c“I am 22 years old. I have a 2.5 year old and an 18 month old. After having two kids, I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I am continually amazed at what my body is capable of. I am proud of my stretch marks because they represent what my body was capable of: growing two beautiful, healthy babies.”

Submitted by @amberbrink

9d“I am 19 years old, and I am not overweight, nor have I ever been. My legs and my thighs have always been the skinniest part of me… But still I have these lines… This account has inspired me so much, and I don’t want to hide them anymore… Why have society made me be ashamed of my stretch marks? Because they are often associated with overweight? No matter what reason, this account helps break down those negative thoughts, and it celebrates beauty and empower people all over the world. Thank you for that.”

Submission from Denmark


Nine: the Go-To Up-Do

Dark mornings are tough, right?!

And sometimes your bed head can be a law unto itself, do you feel me?

Fear not girls, nail just a couple of these gorgeous and simple hair styles and you might find you can break that ‘5 days a week top knot’ routine you’ve had going on for the last month…

*Raises hand, guilty as charged!*

Let’s start with the half up knot, just click the images for the tutorials…


Then there’s the grip triangle, we love this one!


The undone braid, perfect for the weekend!


And finally, the twisted ponytail, French chic, non?…


Ten: the Mockingjay

And finally, y’all might just have to excuse me while I turn into an overexcited teenager, but this month marks the release date of the final instalment in the Hunger Games film franchise and, to be unashamedly honest, I’m excited.

Like, real excited.

If you’re not a fan already, then here’s why you should be:

  • Badass female lead character? Check. On screen and off-screen, J-Law is a dream
  • Eye candy? Times two. Liam Hemsworth & Josh Hutcherson, thank you very much!
  • Legendary actor? Check. This film was the late great, Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s last
  • Gorgeous setting? Of course, first a beautiful woodland, then a glittering lake… Granted this last film is set in a concrete city ruled by a murdering dictator, but we can look past that!
  • Guilty pleasure? Check. I mean, it’s a book aimed at teens, but whatever it’s my vice!
  • Style inspo? Are you kiddin me?! From braids, to feathers to some seriously stunning eyelashes…

5a5bUh. She’s divine!

So, here’s the trailer for that last instalment (I’d recommend looking away if you haven’t watched the movies/read the books already, major spoilers coming up) it’s out Nov 19th in the UK…

Can’t… Handle… The Anticipation! Gahh!

(And this is from someone who’s read the books and remembers perfectly well how it ends) #judgeme

Ha! So that’s it gorgeous ones! Have a banger of a weekend (firework pun intended, I don’t just go around liberally using the word ‘banger’?!) and we’ll see you on the flip side!

Peace + Love

Clare X


Wedding beauty on its way!

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