Hello, beautiful people! Happy Friday to you, and happy December! As much as I don’t think any of us can actually believe December is here, it’s hands down one of the very best months of the year. Albeit a little chaotic for some, December is full of excitement, planning and boy-oh-boy, do we have some marvellous ways to enhance the loveliness this month.

We’re embracing all things festive with our favourite Christmas movies and music, while also helping keep you happy and healthy this month as we look forward to the new year, not to mention our favourite new cuddly jacket trend, and of course, no December would be complete without just a hint of sparkle…

One: Subtle Sparkle

Ladies (and gents!) who like to rock out a manicure, it’s time to get seasonal!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love nothing more than to a) have my nails done (I dunno, it just makes me feel more polished?! – Sorry couldn’t resist!) and b) to get all seasonal on it! So, of course, my festive manicure included a single glittery nail on each ring finger, which I am loving!

Here are some of the most beautiful manicures we’ve seen for the season, with just enough sparkle that you’ll still love them come December 25th!

I mean… I might have to have sparkly manicures for the first half of 2017, ’cause they’re all so gorgeous! Just enough of a festive hint, without being overboard, right?

Two: Healthy Nibbles

Ok, so I know, I know, this isn’t particularly festive per se, and there are so many other divinely delectable treats flying around at every opportunity right now, but in the name of trying to stay a little healthy this month, and sustain some normal blood sugar levels, why not supplement your usual evening indulgence with these SUPER tasty little morsels?!

Packets of Nakd’s Posh Bits have been littering our house for a week now, with daily debates amongst my family as to whether we prefer the raspberry or mandarin morsels (they do also make a sea salt flavour, but we’re fruit monsters in our house!).

They’re yummy, satisfying and in their resealable parcels they make the perfect replacement for a bag of [enter your favourite chocolate treat here!]

Your January-self will thank you!

FYI, I think I’m team raspberry!

Three: Pre-Christmas Plan

Continuing this theme, (I promise this is the last health-driven notion I’ll share today, then we’ll dive into Christmas indulgence!) we’ve been finding that a little winter-based exercise goes a LONG way.

Even if it’s as simple as a taking your hound (or your husband/children!) for a long stroll, a dose of fresh air, movement and therefore endorphins has never felt so good!

It’s so easy to get cooped up inside at this time of year, between the pre-holiday work rush, all that Christmas shopping, the wrapping, the cooking… You know how it is! It’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. So whether your jam is running, yoga, cycling or a good hike (high five, me too!) get your layers on, get warmed up and get your booty outside!

Unless it’s yoga, then stay inside and just take some beautiful deep breaths!

Ps. We have been LOVING this video by our fave youtube channel, Yoga with Adrienne, to help you beat any Winter Blues!

Four: Teddy Jackets


So I walked in to Urban Outfitters the other day (with no prior knowledge of this trend!) only to find myself surrounded by super cuddly looking fleece jackets… Like, the kind of thing you’d normally only buy to snuggle up on a Friday night on the couch? Yeah, they’re now calling that fashion, and I am TOTALLY ok with this!

The teddy jacket is just darling (we love this little UO number). Pair with the classic skinny jean, tousled hair and some luxe velvet boots like these and with relatively little effort, you’re bang on trend for December ’16!

Yes, yes and yes. We are one step closer to pyjamas becoming acceptable clothing to leave the house in! Huzzah!

Five: Ready to Write

This time of year gets me all reflective. Does that happen to anyone else? I find my thoughts constantly drifting back to look over the year that’s passed, all that’s happened and all that’s set to happen in the New Year, and just about every year I make the resolution to start journalling again.

Sure, I might not manage it every day, and sure my entires might range from 3 lines to 3 pages, with a gap of 4 months between entries, but I love it. It’s amazing to get your thoughts down, to look back on events, to witness your personal growth, development and seasons in life.

So, if you don’t already, why not get yourself a journal ready to start in 2017 (or earlier if the mood takes you) and start documenting life a little.

Plus, how dang cute are those Urban Outfitter journals!?

Six: Now Watching

Of course, December is for Christmas movies! And every spare moment we’ve had has been spent indulging in them all!

Of course, it helps if you set up a ridiculously cosy blanket movie den…
Then there’s the all important film choice: you could treat yourself to the pure magic that is Tom Hanks in the Polar Express, or if you’re a Will Ferrell fan, there’s the super goofy/totally lovable Elf. If it’s a dose of childhood nineties nostalgia, there’s my personal favourite, The Santa Clause, or you can’t go far wrong with the classic Home Alone saga…

Whatever you fancy, a festive film is a sure fire way to get you in the mood this month!

Seven: Recycled Wrapping

So, I should make it known that I LOVE wrapping. There’s nothing like receiving (or giving) a well-wrapped gift. It looks pretty under the tree and makes for even more excitement when opening it!

But this year, in the name of trying to be a little more eco-friendly (which is pretty darn hard when it comes to present wrapping!) I’ve been looking up some more minimal ideas using recycled brown paper.

From eco-friendly ink stamping (read more on that here), to using biodegradable brown twine and natural materials to decorate, there’s a wealth of ideas to reduce the environmental impact of your Christmas wrapping.

...And, I mean, are they not the cutest looking pressies?!

Eight: Now Listening

Ummmm, duh?! Christmas music of course! And if you’re lucky, you’ll be listening on a beautiful record player too to make it feel all the more homely.

That said, if you’re yet to get yourself a lovely Crosley (yes please, Santa!) or you’re just a little stuck as to what to listen to (yeah, we’ve had the Bublé on repeat for the last week too!!) Spotify are here to help with their array of beautiful Christmas playlists!

From new covers by the likes of Sam Smith and Meghan Trainor, to classics from Bing and Sinatra… Your ears will be kept satisfied all month long!


It’s wrong how much I enjoy that Bieber track #secretBelieber


Nine: Printed Memories

This little gadget is just amazing!

The HP Sprocket first came to my attention via a particularly popular female YouTuber whose name rhymes with Joella… You know the one!

This handy little device prints images straight from your smart phone, creating little polaroid-like prints to keep, display or give to your family and friends. Now, I’m sure to some this’ll seem completely superfluous, but I gotta say I kinda like the idea.

I have so many gorgeous photos stuck in the depths of my phone’s memory that never get seen, and I forget to print. With this little device though memories can easily be printed to give to friends as a memento of a wonderful day out, or to stick in your new 2017 journal *wink wink, nudge nudge*!

And if not for yourself, this would make an amazing surprise Christmas present for a snap-happy friend!

Ten: Now Reading

The months leading up to December always see a number of autobiographical releases in the book world, and not only do they often make incredible present ideas (as Laura reminded me earlier in the month and totally saved my ass with a gift idea!), but, continuing the reflective vibe of this season, I feel like there’s a lot to be learnt/gained from reading other people’s journeys in life.

So, if you’re looking for a good read this month, our favourite biographical reads right now are looking like this:

…I’m totally hoping my Christmas is gonna look like the above picture: peace, book, bed. Perfection!

December; it’s a funny old month. So wonderful and yet I know so many people feel everything so much more deeply during this season, but I hope you guys are managing to find loveliness wherever you’re at in life.

Do let us know how you’ve been making life lovely for yourself, and other in the comments below. We’ll see you on the flip side!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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