Afternoon, babes! We’ve got the three R’s coming up for you today (no, not gonna be talkin’ recycling, don’t worry!) we’re simply taking a major chill pill with today’s 10 Ways; finding ways to restore ourselves (life has been busy of late!), refuel with some yummy-while-healthy recipes on-the-go, and relax to the max with everything from our favourite yoga pose to soothing wall art.

The Summer has been long and beautiful, but it’s also super sociable, so today’s post is all about finding ways to restore your energy levels, mental and physical, enabling you to enjoy what’s left of the season (I hear rumours of an Indian Summer, please god!). So grab that second coffee of the day (TGIF much?!) and let’s get straight into it…

One: Sweet Swags

Straight into the realm of soul soothing, and there’s just something about a wall tapestry. It softens a room, both in appearance and absorption of sound, with its imperfect swags, gently billowing with the breeze from an open window… We’re besotted, and not least with the array of utterly gorgeous tapestries from Urban Outfitters right now, so much so I’m waiting for my ‘Power to the Peaceful’ tapestry to arrive as we speak!

They instantly give a room that gentle bohemian vibe. They’re cosy, but in a wrapped up on a warm beach in the late afternoon sun way… You know the kind.

Either way, they soothe our souls and make our walls extra lovely.

Two: Slumber Sensation

This next one is a viral sensation on the internet right now. Hailed as ‘a miracle cure’ by insomniacs and loved by parents of toddlers struggling to sleep through the night, Lush’s Sleepy body lotion was an instant sell-out when it hit the shop floor!

At just £8 a tub, simply slather on the buttery goodness, and let the gentle, creamy scent of oatmeal, lavender (in a totally non-overpowering measure) and tonka absolute wash over you as you drift off into a beautiful sleep.

Honestly, it’s a dream. Like what I did there?! I grabbed a sample pot (forever the sceptic) and I can’t put it down! Will definitely be purchasing a full size tub. On repeat. For the foreseeable future.

Three: Now Listening

D’you know what I’ve realised about myself? A good old dance around the kitchen (and we’re talking those serious bad boy moves you do when no one’s watching), singing at the top of my voice, still in my PJs, using a spatula as a mic is a) quite a thing to behold! and b) really healing!

I know that sounds silly, but the release, both physically (when else do we move our bodies that fluidly?!) and mentally is just incomparable, it brightens my mood almost every time and is just one of those child-like joys that as adults we seem to have lost along the way somewhere.

So, with that in mind (but not too much in mind, because me dancing in my PJs isn’t the prettiest sight!), these tunes have been my absolute jam this past fortnight. Super fun remixes of 90s classic, Craig David’s ‘Fill Me In’, and the all-time classic ‘Jenny From the Block’.

Press play. Get up. And DANCE!

Four: Sorted Sandwich

As today’s title suggests, we’re focusing on a Refuel and, in part, that means food (hurray!).

I learnt just yesterday that it’s estimated that a whopping 90% of our body’s serotonin (the happy hormone) is produced in the gut. That’s huge, and goes a long way to explain the theory of the gut as our body’s ‘Second Brain’. Not heard that one before? Think about it: why do you feel the nervous ‘butterflies’ in your stomach? And you know that age old phrase of ‘gut instinct’… It’s food for thought, no literally!

Technically referred to as the Enteric nervous system, our gut is responsible for way more than simply processing our food. Our state of mind and digestive health are intrinsically linked; look after one, and you help to look after the other.

I digress! To the point: in the video below (just skip to 6:30 if you don’t fancy the other recipes!) is a plant-based sandwich filler recipe that has been my absolute go-to these past two weeks; chickpea ‘tuna’. Packed with nutrients (we’re talking chickpeas, nori, tahini, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, celery… All the goods!) it’s SUPER yummy, easy to batch make, and a great healthy sandwich filler when you’re in a rush!

Five: Pack Up Goals

While we’re talking sandwiches, I’ve been in the market for a lunch box for a while now and have discovered some absolute beauties on my travels across the internet. So whether you’re headed back to school/uni, trying to reduce your lunch costs, trying the reduce your wastage, or simply trying to freshen up your weekday eating habits…

Check out Monbento a beautifully designed French compartment box. It’s sleek, clever and clean cut, made BPA free and even comes with a 3 year guarantee!

Or if you need something a little more sizeable, take a look at Planet Box. An eco-friendly, non-toxic stainless steel lunch box that serves to make packing your fuel for the day super easy, help you portion control and is dishwasher safe. Tick, tick, and tick.

Refuelling throughout the day just got a whole lot prettier.

Six: Now Reading

You guys. I was stood in a queue the other day (soooo British, I know!) and this magazine literally came to life, and jumped off the shelf and into my arms… I don’t even know what happened. We’re clearly just meant to be together.

This is In the Moment magazine, and it’s beautiful. It’s one of those thick, matte finish quality mags. The kind I coo over for a good ten minutes mid-food-shop. It’s about slowing down and calming down (see also: their gorgeous sister mag, Project Calm). Positive articles, with the creative modern woman in mind…

What’s not to love? Perfect to kick back and relax with!

Seven: Viparita Karani

In the spirit of yesterday’s Wedding Yoga blog post, I thought it’d be fun to include, without a doubt, one of my favourite yoga poses in today’s post: Viparita Karani! 

Viparita – meaning to ‘invert’, or ‘reverse’

Karani – meaning to ‘do’, or ‘make’

…Also known as, legs-up-the-wall pose, now I’m speaking your language, right?! A super restorative and rejuvenating pose, Viparita Karani  both soothes and energises the body and mind. Experience similar benefits as other inversion poses (e.g. the shoulder or headstand) but way more accessible for beginners, and easier to hold for extended periods of time so you might enjoy all it’s gorgeous benefits!

My lovely mum and I have actually being doing this since if was a little girl, long before I had any idea it was a yoga pose! It’s so great for tired, heavy legs and the perfect relaxing posture for bedtime.

If ever a yoga pose were to be ‘yummy’, this would be it! Here’s a great little tutorial to get yourself easily into the posture. Enjoy!

Eight: Eyes. Lips. Face.

Ummm, so I might’ve gone on a little makeup spree the other week, and now I just have to share my findings with you! Exclusively launched in the UK in Superdrug just recently, e.l.f. is the perfectly priced while beautifully produced, AND cruelty free makeup brand of the moment.

From this silky tone-adjusting primer (when I overdo it, my redness-prone skin flares up, so this has been a lifesaver!), to the beautifully subtle glow of this loose smoothing finishing powder (I bought it in ‘Soft Luminance’), to a gorgeously smooth brow pomade

Nine: Art Forms

Coming full circle, I’ve found myself taking so much solace from visual art. The right art form has such a visceral soothing effect, and while the art form that does it for each individual is almost unique to every individual, I couldn’t help but share Chicago artist, Laura Berger‘s insanely beautiful pieces with you.

I’m interested in and inspired by rituals, symbols, nature, dreams, travel, our quest for self-development and freedom, and how we piece it together to create personal meaning and a sense of belonging to the greater whole

Her work is peaceful to behold, but not for lack of meaning and symbolism. It’s understated, the subdued tones perfectly harmonising. It’s almost beguiling in its ability to calm and challenge so simultaneously and succinctly.

Put it this way, they’re framers, for sure.

Ten: Soothing Scent

And finally, it wouldn’t be a 10 Ways if we didn’t hit all your sensory inputs! Sandalwood has been our incense favourite for the last fortnight. Known for its warm soothing scent, Sandalwood has been dubbed the perfect meditation tool by Buddhists for thousands of years; it helps to unwind the mind and open the heart.

This gorgeous aromatic wood promotes feelings of peace and serenity, can help to lift melancholy, and promote restful sleep. It subdues aggression and irritability, and promotes compassion and openness.

In short: it smells so. damn. good.

Aaaand breath. Here’s to a restorative, relaxing weekend, refuelling us for ready for next week!

Have a good one and we’ll see you on the flip side!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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