Afternoon, you gorgeous lot! We’re back with another 10 Ways to Make your Life that little bit Lovelier this weekend, and boy are we covering all your bases, we’ve got a double dose of Autumnal street style faves, as well as a quick breakfast solution (you know we love a good breakkie!). There’s also another incredible collection from the forefront of modern poetry, a little seasonal decor inspo, as well as a couple of wellness rituals/ideas to change up your routine (including how to make your shower as indulgent as your bath!).

We recommend consuming this post with a mug of something seasonally spiced, ambient warm lighting and snuggled in a cosy nook for optimal loveliness…

One: Autumn’s Signature Colour

Red. Bright, primary, eye-catching red.

From statement chunky, oversized sweaters, to suitably chic accessories, red is the colour to be seen in this Autumn.

The key to wearing this colour in a low-key way (unless major statement is your vibe, then simply go head to toe!) is to pair with ‘neutrals’. Muted khaki makes for a Parisienne-cool military vibe, while loose-fit denim and simple black mules will get you that urban weekend look.

We’re loving the following pieces:

Zara’s Red Quilted Jacket

Monki (via asos) chunky cable knit

Flowing Palazzo trousers by Zara

This Parisian basic stripe t-shirt by Zara

Two: Skin Saviours

You guys seem to love a skin update (but then I mean, who the heck doesn’t?!) so I thought I’d update you on a couple of products I’ve added into my routine, courtesy of some incredible recommendations from lovely friends!

First up, this gorgeous cleansing gel from Lavera. Made with Lemon Balm and Mallow this all organic plant-based cleanser smells insanely yummy, is so gentle while also getting the job done, it’s also vegan friendly and cruelty-free (as well as being free of a whole host of other nasties you don’t wanna be putting on your skin!). I ordered mine from a great website called Naturisimo, but it’s also available on Amazon I’m reliably informed! Thanks Lani for the heads up, this has cleared my skin up no end!

Second up, an oldie but a goodie, and new to me: Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner. Vegan friendly (obvs!) and alcohol-free, this toner is so mild and gentle! Non skin-stripping, with aloe to moisturise and rose to balance colouration, never have I ever had a toner leave my skin so soft and clear! Another huge thanks to my dear friend, TW!

Hands up if you love friends who recommend skincare goodies?!! *Emphatically throws all limbs into the air!*

Three: Hands On

With amazing charities like Coppafeel doing their utmost to promote the importance of checking your boobies (or *insert your preferred cute name for them here*), and October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we thought we’d do our little bit to encourage and implore you to…


(.)(.)  Check  Your  Tatas  (.)(.)


Do it thoroughly – get to know your lovely jubblies. Get the down low on how to check your titties right here

Do it regularly – in the shower maybe? Or you can even ask Coppafeel to send you a text reminder! And try to do it at the same point during your cycle

Don’t be scared – always better to check, and don’t be scared to get your doctor to check if you’re not sure! I myself have had 2 ultra sounds in my 20s to check my cans (I’m literally going for as many hilarious names for them as I can!) and while you might find it a little embarrassing or unnerving, it’s *always* better to check!

Talk about it – if you’re a regular, proactive melon-checker, then get talking about it! Are your friends checking theirs? What about your mama? Raise their awareness as much as you can!

Four: Seasonal Wreaths

Ok, now I know this is *so* extra it’s unreal, but I cannot resist an autumnal wreath.

Yes, I know it’s not Christmas yet. And no, I’m not about to start hanging a wreath on my front door for every occasion (not cool, right?). But there’s something just super gorgeous about an autumnal or harvest wreath.

I mean, between the warm tones, wild structures and rich variety of textures that Autumn brings… Surely that’s just crying out to be displayed in wreath form?!

We love this single-berry orange wreath and this slightly more low-key version, as well as this dried corn husk wreath (all via Etsy).

Five: Now Reading

Rupi’s long-awaited second collection, The Sun and Her Flowers, is finally here. Remember we swooned so hard over her first collection, Milk and Honey, back in September of last year? Well, her second collection does not disappoint!

Arguably a little more upbeat than her previous collection, the Sun and her Flowers takes us on a vibrant and transcendent journey around growth and healing, as well as exploring ancestry and the practice of honouring one’s roots. She also delves into existence as an expatriate, and finding the strength to rise up to find and home within yourself. The Sun and Her Flowers is a journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. A celebration of love in all its forms.

Plus, autumn is just prime time for poetry reading over a cup of tea by the fire, am I right?! Get a copy right here.

Six: Transitional Style

In true minimalist mindset, we’re all about making less stuff do more, and in this instance that translates as: a smaller wardrobe that fulfils as many seasons as possible.

So, you know all those adorable floaty floral maxi dresses you wore all summer long (because uh, they’re so friggin’ comfy!) well, guess what?! They transition perfectly into Autumn! Here’s how to work this piece across the cooler weather:

Swap out your sandals for a pair of casual brown ankle boots, or even a pair of Doc-style boots for a bit of edge

Pair with a cute little cross-body bag, something that’s in a dark tone, or even black, to give it that autumn/winter vibe

Throw on a heavy khaki shirt or a boyish biker jacket. And if your dress is strappy or short sleeved, you could even layer with a basic long sleeve tee underneath

Let your mane run wild, or pop on this season’s hottest hat (number 3 in last month’s 10 Ways post!)

Seven: Stand Up

Ok, so I’m gonna hit you witha couple of facts that really made me sit stand up and listen…

12 HOURS  the amount of time the average person is sitting (aka sedentary) a day


4th LEADING risk factor for global mortality is physical inactivity


3.2 MILLION deaths a year are related to physical inactivity

Sitting. Yup, simply sitting still can literally take years off of your life expectancy! I’ve had a huge wake up call about this since suffering with a disc issue in my back this past month. A good friend, who also happens to be a great physio, has raised my awareness of the perils of too much sitting (#bloggerlife) and sparked a real realisation for me around the importance of movement.

As the charity Just Stand puts it…

Our bodies are designed to move, but In the mid-20th century rapid technological advances (think: cars, TVs, computers, etc.) began chipping away at physical activity, and as technology did more of the heavy lifting, people became increasingly sedentary…

Fast forward to now, and we’re actually talking about ‘Sitting Disease’. SAY WHAT?!

Yup, you heard me right. Sitting disease: a term coined by the scientific community, commonly used when referring to metabolic syndrome and the ill-effects of an overly sedentary lifestyle. And whether it’s time spent working (in the office, school or home), driving, eating or watching TV, the impacts our sedentary lifestyles may be one of the most unanticipated health threats of our modern time.

What can you do? Get moving – and not just in one big short burst at the gym 3 times a week, but throughout your day! Find several different positions you can work in, sitting, kneeling, standing, or walking even when taking a call. Be mindful of remaining in the same static position for more that 20 minutes at a time (I’ve written this post in bursts of 15 mins at a standing desk before taking a break to do a physical task!).

And if you’re in need of a little extra motivation:

30,000 CALORIES – Standing for an extra 3 hours a day can burn up to 30,000 calories over the course of a year! That’s the same as running 10 marathons or 8 pounds of fat! 

Eight: Up your Shower Game

So, you know by now that I’m a huuuge bath fan, but I totally get that a) not everyone’s got time for that and b) some people definitely prefer a shower!

So how do you get that same luxe vibe from your shower as us bath-lovers get from a good long soak in the tub?! Well, this awesome post from Byrdie has answered all our shower-loving prayers:

Add a Bath Tea Bag (like these from Free People) to your shower tray, as the steam and water hit the bags, you’ll get the exact same effect – they release mind-soothing, indulgent aromas of cinnamon, cardamon, ginger and vanilla

Coffee and Chai not your kinda scent? Try hanging eucalyptus and/or lavender from your shower head to release airway-clearing, relaxing natural fragrances

Take your time – focus on your breath, make it deep and slow, or you could even try meditating in the shower. It’s such a soothing sensory experience, so make the most of it!

Nine: Bircher, what?

This week’s breakfast #goals… But seriously, I feel like I bring you a new breakfast idea on a bi-monthly basis right now – what can I say?! Most important meal of the day!

So, story time: I’m watching the below video from vegan food guru Bonny Rebecca, and she’s making this ridiculously healthy ‘Bircher’ mix to soak overnight (in milk and/or fruit juice). All the grains, all the goodness. And I’m all ‘wow I love the Aussies, they’re so forward thinking and ahead of the game’…

The next day, I’m doing our online shop, and what do I stumble upon?! Only a pre-made bag Bircher base muesli! Turns out it’s already a thing in the UK (and I don’t think it’s a particularly new thing either?!), but with barley and spelt flakes, oat bran, buckwheat and quinoa, as well as the staple oats, you better believe it’s been my new go-to for a quick, grain-filled breakfast!

Just add your favourite fresh fruit and maybe a drizzle of nut butter or tahini, or a dollop of coconut yogurt! YUM.

Ten: Intuitive Movement

This podcast has changed the way I see exercise.

Big claims, huh? But when world class professional free runner, Timothy Shieff (you might have seen him absolutely nailing Ninja Warrior UK too!) began talking about moving more playfully and intuitively, he really caught my attention.

As we’ve already talked about today, our bodies are designed to move. So you’ll find Timothy ditching the fitness tech to allow for a freer experience, encouraging you to listen to your body as you exercise and shedding any unnecessary gear that restricts or changes the way we’d naturally move. He encourages us to move in ways we used to as a child, to avoid complete exhaustion and to exercise in sustainable portions, so that you can exercise everyday.

How does that translate to real life? It’s moving more overall. It’s being creative and free in your yoga practice, for example, flowing through the poses you desire that day and not holding yourself to any standards. It’s running in shoes that mimic barefoot movement, without your phone tracking your every step. It’s enjoying movement as a part of life, un-learning that level of restricted motion that we adopt as adults and moving playfully and creatively!

Our October rituals. More movement, more mindful self-care. Reinventing our wardrobe, and feeding our souls with beautiful poetry.

Have a beautiful weekend, and we’ll see you on the flip side


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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