Morning, gorgeous people, and happy Friday! We made it and just in time for the final 10 Ways of March! We’ve got a bit of an assortment for you this morning! No particular theme, other than these are all things that we have been loving this month, like LOVING.

We’ve got a little eco-friendly caffeinated boost to help while you adjust to the clocks changing, we’re debunking myths around meditation, we’ve got a stella new album to give you all the feels and a couple of style and home decor obsessions that we’ve been lusting over this month too!

If you’re anything like me, at this point you’ll be grabbing your second double shot coffee of the day (no judgement, it’s been a long morning already!) and let’s hunker down and get into it shall we?!

One: I can see your Halo

Ok, so without a doubt, my latest and greatest obsession this month is Halo coffee. The eagle-eyed among you will have no doubt already spotted a sneak peek of these babies on our Instagram story yesterday!

That gorgeous matte black packaging, delivered straight to your door, with a brand mission to encapsulate the world’s rarest, most precious and most desirable coffees, ready for you to simply pop in your Nespresso and brew brew brew!

Awesome, right? Babes, this is just the beginning! Because not only are we talking amazing coffee and seriously badass branding, we’re talking completely bio-degradable coffee capsule, designed with an innovative blend of compostable natural fibres to protect the incredible flavours!

And we’re not talking 12 months to decompose, we’re talking composted in less than 90 days! In fact, Halo staff are even growing tomatoes in some of their used capsules!

Say goodbye to plastic and foiled capsules that clog up our Earth with waste, and hello to the future; ‘the World’s best coffee, the way you love to drink it, in a way that’s best for the world’.

Just awesome! And another step closer to the #zerowaste goal!

Two: Daybed Heaven

Next up, this has been my Pinteresting obsession for March: platform daybeds with sixties style mattresses.

Holy. Heck. I first stumbled across these super rad retro mattresses on Maison Du Monde, and fell instantly in love with the way they stacked them to create über bohemian floor sofas. The obsession begins. A week of pinterest/tumblr obsessing later and I’m now adding an Urban Outfitters mango wood platform daybed into the mix! This is, of course, all in a parallel universe, in my dreamy bohemian beach-side abode! (ahem, yeah right, ahem!)

Super on trend for that exotic, while relatively understated haven-of-a-home style we’re loving this year; lazing around in the day time just got a whole lot more beautiful…

Just YES. That is all!

Three: Six Sided Shades

So, when it comes to shades, we all know that the instagram it-girl favourite for last year was the round frame Raybans.

Well, turns out the it-girls aren’t straying too far for 2017, as the super retro looking hexagonal Rayban is forecast to be sold out for this summer!

I am next-level obsessed with this square meets round frame, there’s something beautifully androgynous about it.

And this first image pretty much sums up how I dream of looking for the rest of the summer…

No brainer, invest in a pair!

Four: Room to Grow

Next up, a bit of seasonal ‘get outside’ inspiration for you: Allotments.

Here’s 10 reasons why getting one is the best idea you’ve had all year:

  • They’re a great, super cheap way to get hold of a little extra space. That way you’re not using up valuable garden space growing your food!
  • With a little research, growing your own fresh organic produce can be a very easy, cost-effective reality
  • Gardening is amazing, strength-building exercise
  • You’ll easily get your dose of sunny vitamin D
  • It’s a reason to get some fresh air all year round
  • Allotment societies are often really awesome communities, a fab place to meet like-minded individuals
  • Nothing tastes as good as home grown – trust me!
  • Veggies are awesome
  • Veggies are awesome
  • Veggies are awesome

In short: get one! We’ve had so much fun at our already, and there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as growing your own!


Five: Meditation Myth Busting

Creating a daily meditation practice has been something I’ve endeavoured to nail this month. After listening to Slow Home’s Brooke McAlary podcast on Meditation, I realised that there are a lot of misconceptions around this practice, as Brooke writes:

…I had in mind that meditation was this complex, highly spiritual ritual that was vaguely intimidating

…And that’s when I realised, ‘You and me both, Brooke!’ I was still harbouring this feeling, and it was this that stopped me properly forming a habit of daily meditation. Brooke proceeds to discuss general myths and misconeptions she’d experienced amounf her peers:

  • they’re skeptical of its usefulness
  • they dislike the religious or spiritual connotations of the practice
  • they don’t have time to meditate daily
  • they’re scientifically minded and want proof of its effectiveness

…Uh oh, some of those were sounding pretty familiar to me too! So I dived in head first, debunking all of the above for myself, and I’d love to do the same if this resonates with you! I’d recommend the following reading/practice to get you firmly on your way with your practice:

LISTEN: to the above linked Slow home podcast, with super down-to-Earth guest Kevin Janks

READ: the gorgeous little illustration series below by Yumi Sakugawa, which simplifies and opens up the idea of meditation

PRACTICE: if like me you want something just a tad more structured than the simple ‘clear your mind’ instruction, have a go at Japa meditation, whereby (in short) you use a set of mala beads to help you repeat an intention/mantra to aid in creating focus and clearing your mind of other jumble. Read more about Japa here and Mala beads here.



It’s simply a form of exercise for the brain. Let’s not overcomplicate it and miss out on the tremendous benefits!

Six: Sweet Orange

Y’all know that I love all things smelly.

Well, boy. That sure came out wrong!

REWIND. I’m talking incense, candles, essential oils… That kind of smelly!

March has been all about Sweet Orange for our household. Sweet without being sickly, it’s got that fresh citrus vibe (perfect for all that Spring cleaning we’re trying to avoid!) and it just diffuses unadulterated happy vibes throughout your home, so uplifting on those greyer March days!

You better believe if diffusing it right now! I got my big ol’ bottle right here.

Seven: Now Listening

If your haven’t already wrapped your ears around this guy’s new album, I’d suggest that today’s the day!

(I’d also suggest you have a box of tissues nearby too, FYI)

Almost reluctantly stepping into the limelight with his highly anticipated debut solo album, Process, Sampha is just pure talent. The guy’s a writer, producer and singer and has worked with a fair few of the biggun’s from Drake, to SBTRKT, to Kanye, to Queen Bey.

Process is a journey and a half. It’s about grief, seemingly a personal unburdening of heavy emotional baggage, but don’t let that deter you, as the Guardian explains: ‘this is obviously harrowing terrain, but musically at least, Process is an album that skilfully balances light and shade’.


Eight: Go-To Greens

Guys this has been my go-to juice all month and I’ve been loving it!

A little recipe I concocted myself, it’s full of detoxifying, cleansing ingredients and one huge fix of greens!

Super easy to make (as long as you have a pretty high power blender!) simply:

  • Fill your drink vessel of choice just under half full with cold filtered water
  • Then add in a good glug of your favourite fresh juice (I love orange + mango in mine!), your glass should now be just over half full
  • Pour the mixed liquids into the blender
  •  Add 1-2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Add a 1cm knob of fresh ginger (more if you can handle it!)
  • A 1-2 big handfuls of spinach leaves
  • Blend on high power until all the spinach is completely blitzed
  • Pour over lots of ice and enjoy!

It’s super hydrating, stomach cleansing goodness, with that so-green-it-must-be-good-for-you colour!!

I hope you enjoy! And do let us know if you try the recipe and have any suggested add-ins in the comments below!

Nine: All Kinked Out

You know that super irritating, good-hair-day-ruining kink that conventional hair bobbles give your locks?

The huge line across the back of your hair that ruins the blow dry you treated yourself to yesterday, or that means you’ve gotta now wear you hair in a messy top knot for the remainder of the festival… Yeah, THAT kink!

Whelp! Meet Invisibobbles. Whose coiled, springy form means they grip hair just enough to hold your style, but not enough to cramp it!

They’ve quickly become my go-to hair band, and I’m pretty certain you girls (and guys!) are gonna love them! I got my clear set from Superdrug, but they’re also available in all colours and sizes on ASOS. Get on board!

And how ridiculously cute are the little nano variation in that last image?! Great for short, fine hair or half-up dos!

Ten: Now Watching

Because, what the heck else?! March has been all about fuelling my alarmingly enthusiastic preoccupation with all things Broadchurch. I have chatted to anyone who’ll listen about this series: family, friends random passers by (just kidding… Kinda!) from twisting plot intricacies, to the age old, ‘Why is it the grumpier David Tennant’s character gets, the more attractive I find him?!’ conversation… I can’t help but be obsessed!

For those of you already hooked and up to speed with the series, check out the Guardian’s hilarious recap of the most recent episode, including their infamous ‘Trademark Wessex words of wisdom’ – bigs LOLs.

And there you have it – our March feels! As always, let us know what you’ve been feelin’ recently in the comments below, we love hearing your favourites!

Have a beautiful (hopefully sunny!) weekend and we’ll see you on the flip side!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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