My loves, how the heck are we in August? HOW?! Out of high summer and moving gracefully in to a slightly cooler (maybe?!) albeit still sunny late summer, the vibes are laid back; skin is golden and freckled, we’re in the flow with our summer wardrobe and we’re soaking up every last drop of this divine season. Summer really brings you back to the present moment, doesn’t it?

So today’s 10 Ways are all about making the most of that gorgeous summer vibe mama Earth is serving us in abundance right now; from beachy style, to sun-kissed skin, with plenty of tried and tested planet-friendly, plant-based alternatives (what can I say?! My vegan-heart overrides my head a lot!) and a now watching/listening/following to boot!

Get a glass of something refreshing, put your feet up (at the risk of sounding like an old lady: great for your legs in this warm weather!) and let’s kick things off with the best piece I’ve worn all summer…


One: Palmy Shade

Visors, and not just any old visors. Just to quash any visions you’re having of golf or poker (?!) players in green plastic hats, these visors are the complete opposite.

Think island girl vibes. Handmade from woven palm leaves, with a gorgeous elasticated cotton on the reverse, Reverii’s  latest addition is selling out fast (click here already if you don’t wanna miss out!).

Available in black, natural brown and natural, mine has very quickly become my go-to accessory (aka I’ve worn it for 4 days straight, and I’m still reluctant to take it off to go to bed!). Perfect for the beach, a gentle hike or just a wanna round town, they’re beautifully made, easy to wear and easy to pack!

Two: Nourish your Nerves

nəːvʌɪn,ˈnəːviːn/ adjective 
1. (of a medicine) used to calm the nerves

My latest go-to tea infusion (as always right now, inspired by Meagan Moon) is a gorgeous little, yet powerful herb called Oatstraw.  Oatstraw is a nervine: a ‘nourisher to the nerves’ and is known for its cooling, calming ways.  Containing vitamin B (complex) as well as copper, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and silica. The B vitamins aid in producing a more restful sleep, and can help to balance feelings of stress and anxiety.

In this wonderful, yet often busy season, and as someone who experiences my fair share of anxiety, I have found Oatstraw to be a gentle, yet supremely effective soother.

I got mine here and simply infuse a good pinch (up to a tbsp) in boiling water.

Three: Get Frecked

Finally someone has created a gorgeous (read: effective, vegan + cruelty free!) beauty product to create faux freckles… If you could see me right now, honestly, I’m literally the heart-eye emoji!

Meet Freck. An LA based company with a little product that produces the most perfectly-imperfect freckles. They’re buildable, can be worn with or without makeup and…

…wait for it…

… they have STAYING POWER! That’s right, faux-freckle lovers! These babies do not budge! If you want that full summer, sun-kissed look (minus the skin damage!) Freck is a must-have.

Available via Beauty Bay (click here) for the UK.

Four: Friendly Fresh

If you’ve been a 10 Ways follower for a while now, (this is our 65th 10 Ways post, would you believe it!), you’ll know about the relentless ongoing search for a deodorant that ticks all the boxes, aka:

  • non-toxic (aluminum free)
  • cruelty free
  • vegan
  • zero waste (preferably)
  • easy-to-use

…And that last one is where so many have come so close, but fallen at the final hurdle, never quite working to the same level to reduce odour and perspiration.

Then my mama (also a vegan and increasingly conscious consumer.. Ahem *proud daughter moment*) suggested Ben & Anna, a balm deodorant stick based solely on all natural ingredients (namely shea butter + soda), that is free of parabens and aluminium, never goes greasy or sticky, comes in a biodegradable cardboard tube and, best of all, it does indeed protect against moisture and odour!

We bought ours from PHB (Indian Mandarine was our scent of choice, but they’re all wonderfully unisex), also available at Babipur.

Five: Van Life

A home on wheels. What more could you want? The ability to just up and go at the drop of a hat. To explore, to seek out sunny spots, epic views and aimlessly wander… All while still enjoying a true home-from-home vibe.

DISCLAIMER: I’m about to go travelling in the South of France in our van, so may be a little biased, nevertheless…

It’s the van life for me!

What’s more, while we might have spent months working to convert our van (you can follow that journey here!) you don’t have to overcomplicate. A friend of mine left me shook when she converted her smaller Ford van in just a few weekends into a perfectly functioning, minimal rolling home. A little insulation in the doors, some ply wood panelling for the floor and ‘walls’, a fold up futon style armchair-come-bed, a couple of beautiful fabric wall hangings… and voilà!

It doesn’t have to be perfect; you just have to get out there in it!

Six: Now Following

Meet the wonderful @stevieyaaaay. This lady is pure light in my instagram feed, and let me tell you why:

  • She’s an entrepreneur, founder of Yay for Earth where she makes and sells what is (by all accounts, I’m yet to try it!) an incredible face lotion
  • She cooks awesome, uncomplicated plant-based food
  • She knows a tonne about food, and presents it in a funny, relatable way (watch her IG stories on mushrooms and honey; changed my life!)
  • She is HILARIOUS
  • She picks up trash wherever she goes, in the name of helping the planet (HERO!)
  • If you wanna get sh*t-hot on your consumption habits and zero waste fixes/hacks – she’s your gyal
  • She supports equality for all beings; all humans and animals
  • She hasn’t got it all figured out, and that’s ok

Well worth a follow; we need more Stevieyaaaays in the world!

Seven: Now Watching

I mean, do I need to even say anything?! I’ve been having such a busy time of late I’m yet to actually start it, but I’m telling you when I get a hot minute… Let the binge-watching commence!

(Orange is the New Black, Season 6… Just in case you have no idea what I’m so pumped about!)


Eight: Wrap up, head out

The hottest accessory to have in your handbag this season might not be what you’d expect babes…

Times are a-changing: re-usable cutlery in a cute wrap up pouch. If you don’t got one, you sure need one!

I’ve been stalking many a zero waste shop seeking out the perfect set (do I need chopsticks as well as the usual cutlery?! I just don’t know) and then this little Spell DIY popped up in the FBrides Pinterest feed and I was SOLD.

There are loads of options though, from bamboo to metal sets in slimline or roll-up pouches… So have fun picking a set, but ultimately just don’t use disposable plastics!

Nine: Dairy Swap

A lot of people talk to me about dairy swaps. Probably more than they ask me about veganism specifically, so while in some ways this might seem a really basic-girl thing to feature in our 10 Ways, it seems to be a brand I recommend a lot – and brings a fair bit of creamy loveliness to most people’s life!

The brand: Follow Your Heart

Their most iconic product: Vegenaise

…I mean, there’s a freakin’ pin badge made in its honour – so I have no qualms about using the word ‘iconic’!!

An amazing swap, that a lot of people seem to prefer to their usual mayo, this stuff is dangerously tasty and another awesome way to reduce the dairy in your diet – without losing any of the ‘yum’!

Found on: Sainsbury’s, The Vegan Kind + Ocado

Ten: Now Listening

This soulful recommendation comes to you from Festival Brides founder, Laura…

Roxanne Tataei, formerly known simply as ‘Rox’, released a critically acclaimed debut album in 2010 called Memoirs, and has supported the likes of Florence and the Machine, and collaborated with Mark Ronson and Paul Weller to name but a few.

This South London vocalist describes herself, and her new music, as the love child of Minnie Riperton and Stevie Nicks.

We are here for it. Such gorgeous soulful feels, with all the depth of her Jamaican heritage.

And we’ll leave you with those delicious vocals and toe-tapping beats, my loves!

Have a gorgeous weekend babes, and we’ll catch you on the flipside!


Peace + Love


Clare XO

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