Babes, we’re at the start of a four day weekend, the sun is just starting to peep through the clouds and we’re about to hit you up with a further 10 Ways to make things even lovelier this weekend! Really, though… Life is good! It’s been a minute since we’ve had a 10 Ways on the blog (soz, busy month!), but now well and truly into Spring we’ve got so much to share!

Ahem! To summarise: we’ve found the only bag you’ll need this summer, we’ve got a little update on our clean cosmetic faves, an empowering read for women, a list to help you prioritise organic buying and this season’s hottest nail trend…

Sound’s rad right?! Let’s go! (Sorry, I just went for a run so feeling crazy pumped for everything RN!)

One: Spring Satchels

I have been waiting for a WHILE to tell you guys about this brand, so I am unbelievably stoked to introduce you to Reverii. If you don’t already know, this iconic woven bag brand hails from the beautiful NZ, but has recently arrived on our shores (to help you babes avoid delivery/custom charges, whoop!).

Babes, I have not taken mine off*

*Not strictly true, I don’t sleep with it on, but hang it proudly on my wall… Might I add, it looks mighty fine as a decor piece too! Made ethically in Indonesia from Ata grass, smoked over coconut shells, you’re not gonna get this kind of handmade craftsmanship and authenticity anywhere else, trust me.

And, being woven grass (which is a neutral, am I right?!) they go with EVERYTHING. Like I said, the only bag you need to concern yourself with this Spring/Summer.

Two: Sunshine after the Rain

A sign of hope, prosperity, new beginnings… The rainbow leaves us in awe, a vision of liquid love, a gift from Mother Earth; just for the sheer beauty of it.

…It’s no surprise then that they seem to be the chosen symbol of 2018. From clothes to home decor, rainbows are everywhere and I for one am totally obsessed. From Tess Guinery’s collection of insanely beautiful prints, to the hanging clay delights of Lennon + Birdie, or that super cute UO rainbow shelf

Who cares about the pot of gold? We’re here for the rainbow.

Three: Freshly Dressed

It’s finally getting warmer and like a freakin’ butterfly shedding it’s stuffy old cocoon, I for one couldn’t be happier! So you better believe I have been browsing/buying in serious preparation for some proper sunshine…

Enter Zara’s new TRF linens collection. If you’re looking for cute boho dresses, with that understated 70s vibe that’s floating (quite literally!) around for this Spring Summer, Zara is the place.

Four: New Clean Care

If y’all know me, you’ll know that I LOVE skin/hair care products, but in recent years have become increasingly concerned aware of their ingredients and the actual benefits for both myself, and the world around me, which (fabulously!) a lot of others seemed to be concerned with too!

With that in mind, you’ll probably get regular updates from me around this topic as I continue my journey to clean up my self care! Some recent favourites include:

Lush’s Henna Block Hair Dyes – if you’d asked me a week ago how I felt about this, you’d have wish you’d left that can of worms unopened… I was not impressed! But hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I think the benefits of this product (completely natural, non toxic colour that covers greys and actually conditions your hair!) actually do outweigh the difficulties I was initially so displeased with (a 3 hour dye time, relatively messy process and a long somewhat laborious wash-out!)… I’ll keep you posted on this one, but put it this way – I think I’d use it again!

Roots Conditioner (via Superdrug) – I’ve been using this baby for over 6 months now and it is hands down the best vegan, cruelty-free, sulphate and paraben-free conditioner I’ve come across! It’s rich and creamy, leaves my previously bleached hair silky soft and a little goes a long way. Super impressed.

H&M’s Conscious range – ok, so I’m actually yet to try these, but spotted their organic hand washes and lip balms, as well as a gentle aluminum-free deodorant the other day and I’ve gotta say… I’m intrigued! Hit up our comments section if you have tried them – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Five: Lox Tox 

What is this innate drive to clean around this time of year?! Who knows, but we are for sure riding that wave while the motivation lasts! Aside from the major clear out/organisation that’s happening in my household, nothing makes me feel clearer/fresher than a good ol’ clean in the home too! As with skincare, we’re trying to detox our cleaning too: reducing toxins, reducing the number of products and reducing the number of ingredients (especially those that I can’t even say, let alone understand!!)… What’s been our saviour? Dr Bronner’s!

Dr Bronner’s, ahem: organic, fair trade, biodegradable, multifunctional… Need I say more!? I recently learnt about their Sal Suds product: a mild, biodegradable detergent, as opposed to a soap, perfect for dishes, laundry and washing the car (read more on that here) …and now I’m kinda hooked! 2 responsible lox-tox products that do all the jobs!

Six: Still, We Rise

I was gifted this beautiful book by none other than our lovely Laura for my birthday, and while I’ve only just started it, I can tell it’s gonna be a mind-blower that I’ll be pushing into the hands of all the wonderful women in my life! Sharing is caring, right? And no more so that sharing wisdom and empowering media with other women as we rise…

This is the core of our task: to respect and revere ourselves, and so bring about a world in which women are respected and revered, recognised once again as holding the life-giving power of the earth itself.

A life-changing journey from the wasteland of modern society to a place of nourishment and connection.

Seven: Dirty Dozen

Phew, have I been on a journey this past fortnight learning about pesticides… Man alive! It all started with this Rich Roll podcast (I’d highly recommend a listen!) and ended in me wanted all organic everything (the effects on our health are jaw-droppingly astonishing!)

When I came back down to earth however, I realised that might not be the most plausible, certainly not right away! So I took the podcast’s advice and have using the ‘Clean Fifteen, Dirty Dozen’ template by EWG as a starting point. 15 foods that it doesn’t matter so much if they’re organic or not, and the 12 you should always buy organic! Gotta start somewhere, right? And at least this way by beginning to swap to organic, we’re supporting that industry, which’ll eventually bring the price point down as a matter of supply and demand!

Eight: Green Fingers

What could be more Spring appropriate than iddy-biddy pressed flower nail art?! I don’t know what else to say other than I’m kind of obsessed and need this in my life ASAP.

Nine: Benefits of the Chill

Ok, so I can see some of your faces already, but this one shocked me and I think I might do for you too: cold showers.

Yup, there it is, that pained look your face! I know, I know… Not exactly everyones anyones idea of ‘Lovely’, right?! But check this out:

Yup… While hot showers feel amazing and do come with benefits, as much as it pains me to admit, I’m really kinda interested in those cold shower benefits!

Benefits of a Hot Shower

  • Relaxes Muscles
  • Reduces Swelling
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Alleviates Migraines
  • Acts as a Nasal Decongestant
  • Opens Pores and Removes Toxins from Skin


Benefits of a Cold Shower

  • Accelerates Metabolism
  • Reduces Hair Loss
  • Tightens Skin
  • Frees the Mind
  • Stimulates Immune System
  • Increases Alertness
  • Prevents Colds
  • Stimulates Antidepressant Hormones
  • Aids Regulation of Autonomic Nervous System
  • Improves Circulation

Ten: Good News

It’s no secret that we love Free People’s blog with their bohemian style, wellness encyclopaedia and free-spirited take on life.. But thteir regular new ‘Good News’ post in hitting all our happy buttons right now. Honestly, call me ignorant, but I’ve kinda stopped watching the general news and dip into it only as and when I want to! I found it was really affecting my outlook on life and our beautiful Earth, but Free People’s news is something I can really get on board with! Positive stories to inspire: they spark imagination and awe, they put a smile on your face and they broaden your horizons in all the right ways…

From gifting us with @Luxnature’s short video of animals excitedly hugging people, to an exploration of how as a society we need to ‘Hip hinge’ a little more when reaching for dropped articles to help maintain an ageless, healthy spine! There’s something positive or pro-active for everyone! Hit up their most recent Good News Stories here!

Now go! With any luck a little more hope-filled, inspired and with a Spring in your step, have yourselves an awesome four day weekend!

We’ll see you on the flip side!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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