Good morning, you wonderful lot, and happy Friday! After yet another tough week in the world of politics, we thought we’d share some of our favourite ways to hold on to your happiness when things get (to put it very politely) a little rough round the edges!

From the power that comes from standing up for what you believe in, to some super cute bits to help aid a comfortable nights sleep, we’ll also be chatting about social media overwhelm, our favourite quick cake fix (when when the going gets really tough!), yet another enlightening Netflix documentary and our favourite escapism: 2017 fashion!

If you’re feeling like you’re buckled in on a bumpy ride, take a moment to let loose and feel free with us today with these 10 lovely ideas…

One: Stand Up

I figured it was a good idea to begin by hitting this topic head on! If you believe strongly about something that’s happening in our country, or overseas, there’s nothing more empowering than standing up and being counted.

We so easily find ourselves hiding away, bathing in a pool of worry about the future of our world, when we could be contributing to change and speaking out against the decisions we believe to be wrong.

If, like me, you were gutted to miss the Women’s March last month in London (or wherever you hail from!) fear not, the action doesn’t stop there! Check out the official Women’s March website for their 100 Days, 100 Actions concept and get involved. Or if you’re concerned about the effect of Trump’s presidency on the time sensitive issue of climate change, get signing pledges like this one to make your opinion known.

There’s power in numbers, make sure your voice is heard!

So badass. I’m so proud of those people in the world speaking out against these harmful policies, what a time to be alive.

Two: Social Overwhelm?

However! For every Yang there’s a Yin, right?

There’s been a lot of talk about ‘election depression’ and the effect that such political uncertainty is having on our mental health. For every moment of empowerment, for many, there’s also a moment of anxiety about our world’s future.

Have no fear though, friends, there’s a podcast for that!

(I think this is becoming my catchphrase!? Read more about my fave podcasts here and here!)

I’ve mentioned the beautiful Slow Your Home podcast before, and episode #120 has to be one of my favourites. Discussing the role of social media and news in a slower paced life, and specifically on how to avoid overwhelm when faced with an excess of opinions dressed as news, the hosts also divulge some of the strategies they use to keep over-saturation of ‘current affairs’ to a minimum.

Well worth a listen if you’re looking to balance your thoughts and maintain your personal wellbeing during this time.

Three: Sleep Tight

Back in our first 10 Ways in January we discussed the sleep revolution that’s set to sweep 2017, with emphasis on the importance of sleep for your long term health, productivity and overall well being – that includes your happiness!

Well now, there’s nothing like being equipped for a good night’s sleep, am I right?! And these are some of our absolute favourite pieces to aid a night of deep, satisfactory rest:

Those cacti pyjamas just win at life.

Four: (another) Netflix Documentary

Guys, I feel like documentaries are the new box set. They’re all we (and our friends!) seem to watch and talk about. Any one else got this same obsession right now?!

First it was Cowspiracy, then the Minimalism film, and now we’re here, with the Happy movie.

We’re obsessed. What is true happiness? How do you find it? Does it lie in success? Or is it recognition of the little things? Is happiness a destination? Or a journey? Can we generate happiness for ourselves?

It’s a fascinating social and scientific study… Well worth the watch!

I mean, she looks pretty stoked. I wonder what her secret is?!

Five: Find your Focus

Following on from the Happy Movie, one of the key actions we can take in the generation of Dopamine (your happy hormone!) is to find an activity that makes you focus. Anything that get’s you ‘in the zone’ is great for maintaining levels of Dopamine and dopamine receptors.

If you can find an activity that makes you focus while getting aerobic exercise then you’re really ticking all the boxes! For my beau and I that comes in the form of rock climbing right now, but it could be anything from surfing and skating, to things like Wolf runs or any tactical team sport really (insert dreams of wiling away the hours playing volleyball on a tropical beach somewhere)!

And if you’re not such an exercise lover, any tactile activity that makes you focus and employ your motor skills will have the same positive effect on your happiness levels. Think painting, practicing a musical instrument, spinning pottery…. Whatever floats your boat!

Even the thought of those activities is making me feel happier! Get focused, good people!

Six: 2017 Denim

And if all else fails, there’s always escapism! Getting lost in the emerging 2017 trends is one of our favourite escapes right now!

Self expression through style is such a fun, carefree endeavour, we love it, and we’re totally obsessed with the trends for this year that we’re already seeing, in particular: floral embroidered denim.

It’s everywhere, and with good reason! Give old jeans a spruce up with iron on floral motifs, or get yourself a set of fresh embroidered mom jeans (there’s a HUGE selection to chose from!)

We’re especially loving this little selection (click to shop)…

Those black Zara skinnies… Get in my life this instant!

Seven: Quick Fix Cake

…And if a fashion fix still won’t cut it when it comes to keeping a smile on that pretty lil’ face of yours, then cake. CAKE.

What else!?

This super quick, super easy and actually relatively free of refined nasties mug cake recipe is absolutely delicious (believe you me, this has been tried and tested on multiple occasions!)

Because sometimes, you just need cake, and this recipe is full of cupboard staples, so it’s great for those unexpected moments of cake-needing desperation!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have one of these sat in my lap right now as I write this post…

Eight: after the Darkness comes the Light

Because I dunno know about you gals, but a good dose of self-care goes a long way to keeping my happiness levels high!

In particular, healthy, manicured nails and a bright smile are two things I just cannot be without, we all have our necessities hey?!

After years of using a chemical-based home teeth whitener, I’ve been on the hunt for a more natural alternative that actually works. From oil-pulling, to brushing with turmeric or bicarbonate of soda, you name it, I’ve probably tried it! #thestruggleisreal

Then recently someone recommended activated charcoal to me and I was all, ‘Say whaaaat? Charcoal?!’

Yes it’s a bit messy, yes it seems totally counter-intuitive to cover your teeth in black dust when attempting to whiten, but guys, it’s only flippin’ working and it’s all natural and vegan!

I grabbed this little tester pot (which I’d highly recommend doing) and then you simply brush for 2 mins, rinse a couple of times and then proceed to brush with your normal tooth paste – et voilà!

…And if the idea of staining your normal tooth brush a greyish shade kinda perturbs you (totally feel you!), you can even grab a charcoal bristled toothbrush!

Nine: Now Listening

Then there’s music: the ultimate therapy session.

Our favourite listen for the past few weeks has been Childish Gambino’s latest album, ‘Awaken, my love!’.

This album is a powerful piece of funk worship that’ll really take you places. We loved Pitchfork’s review:

‘The album’s production is majestic, aiming squarely for the cosmos depicted on its striking cover artwork. Like the cosmic soul it emulates, the atmosphere is lush, full of period ambiance worthy of a high-end television set.’

And, as the Guardian suggested, Glover’s tracks really are a stimulus for the senses…

‘…An opus that builds from hushed gospel to howling freakout. Glover has a keen ear for genre idiosyncrasies and Awaken, My Love is full of tiny rewarding details: the pinched surf guitar of California; the squalling organ blasts of the Parliament-Funkadelic-ish Riot.’

If you need a time-out to process some feels, immerse yourself in this album for a while. It doesn’t disappoint.

Ten: the Pyjama Shirt

What could make us even happier that we already are after todays post?

Another step closer to pyjamas becoming acceptable outwear (a personal life-long ambition!). That’s what!

Oh yes! Our final venture of happiness comes in the form of a second 2017 trend that we’re are totally on board with; the pyjama shirt.

Because why-oh-why would you wear a torso-hugging, restrictive, heavy fabric top when you could sail through life in a relaxed fit, bed-worthy satin shirt while looking chic AF?!

It’s a no brainer in our minds!

That blush cropped Topshop number is definitely one for the wish list!

Have an amazing weekend, you gorgeous lot! Be sure to drop us a line as to how you maintain your ‘happy’ in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you! We’ll see y’all on the flip side.


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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