Afternoon, beauties! Now, I don’t know about you, but right about now (and indeed for the last week at least!) I am cuddled up in a snug sweater, with socks toasting my feet and a cup of lovely warm spiced tea to hand… I do believe Autumn may have arrived! There’s a definitely chill in the air, and it’s been giving us all the feels.

In today’s 10 Ways you’ll therefore find a shed load of cosy, with some chat about the benefits of healthy fats, then there’s a cosy wardrobe addition, a beautifully empathic Instagram poet, followed by a little more cosiness, a ground-breaking website busting the taboos around female pleasure, a cosy breakfast concept, and our favourite mate date right now, rounding off with a final dose of cosy lighting…

So, um, you can expect to feel, well, kinda cosy by the end of today’s post! Who’s game?!

One: Seasonal Shifts

This transitional period; we love it. That shift in temperature and mood as the green of the trees just begins to fade, the very last drops of summer sun, and the start of the super soulful season of Autumn.

A time for cuddling up cosy, but also embracing the crisper cool air. For taking time to look inwards and reflect, readying yourself to ease into everything that the next season has to offer.

We’ve just been loving the opportunity to take a moment to soak up this shift in the seasons.

Two: Sweater Weather

…And with that beautiful seasonal shift comes a slightly awkward wardrobe phase! #amiright?!

Sunny one moment, seemingly Arctic the next, it’s not quite legit to crack out the winter coat just yet, but dayum that wind is cold…!

Enter: the Autumn sweater.

The shops are full of this seasonal fave, and Zara have been really doing it for us:

Oversized pompom knit – I mean could anything be cuter?!

Fringed sweater – is it a wall hanging?! Is it a sweater?! Who knows, we love it

Chenille jumperchenille, yes CHENILLE. ‘nough said

Contrast detail funnel neck – that folksy detailing though, be still my heart

Three: Fall Fairies

Do I even need to say anymore?! You know!

F is for Fall.

F is also for Fairy lights. Every. Where.

For ultimate cosy vibes, instant switch-of-a-plug warmth and a little bit of magic. Make no mistake, fairy lights are very much Autumn-appropriate.

Four: Coffee Dates

We’re kickin’ it old school this month with our mate dates (and our date dates!). I realised just recently the value in a simple, good ol’ coffee date! Sometimes we try and over complicate these things, adding in a lunch menu, or additional activities to our mate dates that a) make them last a lot longer (lovely, but not always feasible) and b) result in them often not materialising on account of not having the time to organise, insufficient funds, or over complication!

It’s sad really, when the most important aim should surely be to see your beautiful friend’s face! So, with that in mind, we’ve been simplifying this past week: hittin’ up our fave coffee joints, slingin’ on a sweater, rockin’ a bedhead and simply turning up and loving our mate dates.

Cosy. Coffee. Friendship.

(I mean, there’s a reason Friends always met in Central Perk…)

Five: No-Oat Porridge

Here it is, Autumn’s latest foodie trend! So, I’d bet a fair few of you have been reaching for something a little warmer than your icy morning smoothie this past few weeks? Yeah, ditto! I made the huge mistake of having a smoothie last Tuesday and let me tell you, it was hours before I could shake that icy feeling!

So, surely, porridge is the answer. A big ol’ bowl of chunky, deliciously creamy, berry drizzled oats buckwheat.

Wait, what?!

Yes! The latest breakfast trend is indeed alternative grain porridge! Just because oats have become the porridge grain, doesn’t mean they’re the only possibility! Ohh no! From buckwheat, to amaranth, farro, and even quinoa, these ancient (and ridiculously good-for-you) grains can all be made into beautiful porridge-like bowls.

Click the images for some starter recipe ideas and get your grain on!

Six: OMG

Marie Claire said it was ‘smashing taboos’, Emma Watson implored us to ‘definitely check it out’, and the Sunday Times deemed it ‘nothing less than the next wave of an unfinished sexual revolution’.

What’s all the excitement about?! Well, ladies. It’s a website called omgyes, and it’s an entire website dedicated to female sexual pleasure.

Say whaaaat?!

It’s scientifically based on the research of over 2,000 women, ages 18-95 in partnership with Indiana university, with the aim of getting women talking about what feels good.

No blushing. No shame. Just science and knowledge that empowers.

Women’s sexual pleasure has hidden in the shadows for too long. It’s time to get it all out in the open.


There’s so much that’s been left unsaid, unasked, and unknown. All because of a taboo that, we believe, will look absurd in a few decades—the same way taboos from the 1950’s about oral sex and homosexuality are absurd to us now. We want to accelerate that transition.


OMGYes is an entirely new way to explore fascinating, useful and fun information that’s been uncovered in new research. Let’s lift the veil and take an honest look at the specific ways women actually find pleasure.

Read more about the movement here and how the site works right here.

Seven: the skinny on fats

Fats. We all like to think we’re past that 90s / early millennia phase of ‘low fat errrthang’, but in reality there are still a fair few of us who barely dabble in fats for fear of, well, fat.

This is a myth that needs busting once and for all, as the right plant based fats don’t only enhance the taste of our food beautifully, they have seriously significant, undeniable health benefits that we should all be enjoying!

For example, Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system, eye health and healthy brain development.

There’s also research to suggest that they might lower your chances of developing blood pressure problems, certain cancers, arthritis and artery blockage, such benefits can be captured from omega-3 fatty acids through seeds such as chia, flax and hemp.

Another major benefit of healthy fat is its anti-inflammatory properties. Excellent at fighting muscle soreness and the hardening of arteries, in addition healthy fats enhance your memory by supporting neurotransmitters and can therefore even play a role in fending off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

All fat, including saturated, increases serotonin levels (the happy hormone!), a neurotransmitter that guards against depression, enhances sleep and relieves anxiety.

And, just incase that wasn’t enough! In addition to providing direct health benefits, good fats enable your body to absorb certain nutrients. Vitamins such as A, D and E play a role in assisting your immune system, creating hormones and maintaining healthy skin.

Read more from this super helpful Gaia article, and start enjoying those healthy fats!

Eight: Now Following

Our next instagram account for you is a powerful one.

Meet Tumblr and instagram famous London writer, Nikita Gill.

This lady just gets it. An earthy feminist, we love the way she uses compelling natural imagery to depict female strength and beauty.

Her writing is empathic, eloquent and will stop you in your tracks. Well worth a follow.

And if you love it, definitely consider adding her first book, Your Soul is a River, to your wish list, and preordering her second work, Wild Embers

Nine: Sit with it

Following an exploration of Nikita’s emotive writing, I was reminded of a Buddhist and meditative concept I adore, and thought I’d share with those of you who haven’t heard of it before, and gently remind those of you who have: sitting with discomfort.

‘Hope is the feeling that the feeling you have isn’t permanent’ – Jean Kerr

In essence (and I don’t profess to be any sort of expert, in the slightest), but I understand this to be a learnt, mindful technique whereby one learns to understand and have a greater sense of awareness around their emotions (’emotional intelligence’), and to then learn the ability of being able to sit with, and allow yourself the space to really feel the negative emotions you’re experiencing, rather than trying to ‘cope’ with, run from or actively avoid them.

It’s the nature of life, that we have phases of difficulty or pain, and the ability to learn to sit with those feelings of discomfort can lead to a greater sense of self and understanding of who we are…

‘Imagine the sense of mastery this man might develop as he realises that he successfully sifted through some very painful feelings and sat with them long enough to make sense of them and improve his life. When he is hit with life’s next curveball, he will feel much more equipped to handle it’ Sarah Noel 

Read more on this from Tiny Buddha, Good Therapy and Mindful Muse.

Ten: This Month’s Mylk

…But seriously, every month I feel like there’s a new amazing milk alternative to try, and I am loving it!

This month’s favourite has to be the glorious Pip & Nut mylks!

Crazy cute packaging (seriously, it’s a visual delight every time I open the fridge door!), gorgeous flavour (the unsweetened is amazing for those seeking a really earthy almond vibe!) and super clean ingredients.

Win win and win! What your favourite mylk right now?! We’re having such a ball trying all the new brands that are emerging!

And with another 10 cosy ways, life gets a little lovelier again!

Now, I’m off the make a huge batch of squash soup (with my beau’s allotment harvest), ready for a weekend full of autumnal walks and warmth.

Have an amazing weekend and we’ll see you on the flipside with another beautiful real wedding on Monday!


Peace + Love 


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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